Clive Barker and Sephera Giron at Rue Morgue's Festival of Fear, August 2005

It was a thrill to be a special guest along with Clive, even though I only got to meet him after the con was over for a few brief minutes. We have brushed shoulders a few times over the past 18 years, believe it or not.  Most recently, he wrote a great blurb for QUEER FEAR 2 where I have a story, and we both appeared in E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD:SCREAM QUEENS, hosted by Elvira, who I also met very briefly but didn't have time to get a picture with her because her body guard shooed away Nancy Kilpatrick and myself.


My son, Dorian Grant, was thrilled to meet Clive and greatly enjoyed his Sunday afternoon talk.

Clive created a painting over two days at the Rue Morgue booth.

Derek poses with Clive's painting.

Nancy Kilpatrick poses with Elvira.


Elvira is interviewed by Rob Salem.

Gunnar Hanson, also known as "Leatherface" hangs out with fans.

Derek and Nancy at the table.



Derek plants a juicy one on Nancy.

Brian Keene


Michelle models the latest in dead girl fashion from Malabar's.

Monica checking up on the authors.

Chris dons Malabar's finery as well.

Nancy greets her fans.

Brett Savory and me.

Me and Nancy.

Hot dog anyone?  Yum.