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Hello Everyone and welcome.

The other day I got a rejection on one of my stories sent to "Black Gate" but the rejection was so good I want to share it with everyone.


Thanks for your patience as we held this under consideration. It's a fine tale, with plenty of dramatic tension. But we are a little oversold on demon-summoning tales at the moment & this one just wasn't new enough.

You have a flair for setting & I hope you'll try us again.


I'm just completely overjoyed by this, that a magazine held my manuscript for 7 months while considering it, and not just cause it got lost, and because of that last line. I feel like my years (should be read as more then a decade actually, I've been writing 16 years, since 4th grade not very seriously and since 8th grade seriously, so 12 years seriously. I had many poems published in highschool in our literary journal (everyone seems to do poems in highschool. They published 8 volumes while I was in highschool, and I was published in 6 of them (didn't submit to the other 2) and one had two poems in it. After highschool, I went back to short stories and untill about 97 generally considered my writing bad, but in 97 I wrote the first few stories which I actually considered good. These days I have a huge wall filled with rejection letters, but so far not a single acceptance letter. But both this E-book and the last rejection letter really fills me with joy. Over 1000 of you have read the E-book (Ya!) even though you don't seem to want to do the survey :P (except a very nice guy in the UK, Thank you!!(but don't bother now, as of today the site the survey is hosted on (netcolony) is down. I'll just have to build another site somewhere I guess) I've been averaging over 80 people a week :) Thank you everyone!!! You've helped make my day!

-Samuel Plahetka

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