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Look it's me!  Welcome back to my new and hopefully improved website.  As most of you might know already I am the president and Internet Mistress for NaSj2TsDs: Do Nothing But Write.  Well recently I've been getting started on a new story and it isn't ready for "internet publishing" so it will hopefully come soon.  But for now you can check out my really old story (also my first story) "The Angels".  I'm not to proud of it but it's a start.  My new story is called "Romance Once More" it's about a woman, Katrina, and she has had her heart broken by men too long now.  She gave up on love but soon changes her mind... Check back soon to read it (hopefully).

Well as usual I do have an *updated* "About Me" page (links below).  You should check that out.  Also I do have a picture page, and it might actually be ready this time around.  And don't forget to check out my "Mandy & Kandy" page which I share with Tegan about the fan fiction story we're writing.  Well I think that's it.  As usual and enjoy!  Any comments you can e-mail me at

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