To intall place in your SYSTEM folders (C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM)
Needed Files - Misc
Needed in DR, DR2, Cookie Monsta, and others
Com control
Microsoft Com Dialog
This was requested in a forum.
Forms 2.0
Tray icon control i think.
Http transfer control
Winsock control, needed for most protocol progs and others
OLE thingy
Needed for Warning 1.6 and others
Tab Control
The yahoo login algorithm, used in protocol progs
Used by some progs.

Needed Files - Visual Basic
Needed for VB1 progs
Needed for VB2 progs
Needed for VB3 progs
Needed for VB4/16 bit progs
Needed for VB4/32 bit progs
Needed for VB5 progs
Needed for VB6 progs

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