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These pages form a sort of "Electronic Vanity Press" and contain assorted writings by and for my family. Two of them have indeed been published - one, the poem "For Christopher," was broadcast on local radio, and "Paddling Through Porridge" was published in "Canoeing" magazine. The rest however have been read only by a select few - an illustrious company which I hope you are about to join!

Paddling Through Porridge
Factual - travelogue (of sorts!)
When I find the illustrations, I will put them on as well!
Rapid Descent
Fiction: a short story written by my daughter Catherine for her English Language GCSE (she got an A!)
Refreshment For The Soul
A short essay about self-discovery in the most unlikely circumstances!
A Christmas Child
The story of my most memorable Christmas
For Christopher
Poetry - written by a family friend on the birth of my first son
Sisters Under The Skin
Four very different young ladies,
all with a special place in my heart.
Beamer the Jungle Dog
Autobiography - living with a Large Munsterlander puppy!
I'm Full of Bright Ideas....
Autobiography - read what happened when I decided to learn something new!
The Fairy Ring
my first venture into poetry on this site!
To my Internet friends
A poem of thanks

~ Specially for Children~
Hector the Horse
An illustrated story for children
Scully's Busy Day
Another story for the children
The Sad Tale of Humpty Dumpty
and his Terrible End

Now you can find out what REALLY happened .... !
The Littlest Fir Tree
Another story for the children, specially written
for Christmas 2001
Little Chick-Chick's
Easter Surprise

Yet another one for children; new for 2005
Poppy's Christmas Cracker
An illustrated children's story, new for Christmas 2005

Never A Fair Maid

This is the novel they say everyone has inside them ... so far only the first two chapters are on-line but I will update as I write ... do let me know if you think this story is worth finishing!

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