Writing Submissions
Submission Guidelines
The best inspiration and comfort doesn't come from simply telling someone it will be okay, nor does it come from being told just give it time. Inspiration comes from seeing because, as the saying goes, seeing is believing and with well written stories reading is seeing. There is no greater encouragement, no greater catalyst of positivity than knowing that someone else has gone through the same or similar hard times and has come out happy and unmarred. The difficulties and differences faced due to sexuality are no exception to this, in fact it just may be one area of life more in need of inspiration than others.

Thus, it is with this in mind that I make an open call for submissions by and for the GLBT community and our friends and family. Our lives and stories, as well as our need for encouragement have too easily been left out in books intent to inspire. Now it is our turn.
creative nonfiction stories, poetry, personal essays, letters, diary entries up to approx. 3000 words or 50 lines for poems, slightly longer submissions will be considered if the stories can only be told in a longer length.
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creative nonfiction?)

must be written by or about someone who identifies as
any sexuality outside of heterosexual and must in someway relate to this sexuality, if you are writing about a friend or family member's sexuality, your acceptance of, etc. they don't have to be the main focus their sexuality just needs to be the reason behind the story.

can be about any widely experienced topic, (ie. love, coming out, family acceptance, being out, being in, homophobia, friendship, accepting a friend/family member, etc.) and needs to end on a positive note with a lesson that you learned from it and/or encouragement that others can take from it, however all feelings and emotions do still have their place in reaching this ending.
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here for ideas)

writers of all ages, writing levels, and nationalities/localities are encouraged to submit, please only submissions written in English.

only original, unpublished work will be accepted, no simultaneous submissions

I make no guarantee of publication or timely publication as there is no publisher behind this book right now, but I will do all I can to get one once I know there are enough writers interested in sharing their stories, so if timing isn't of great concern to you I encourage you to submit.

there is also no payment, however upon or shortly after publication you will receive one copy of the anthology in which your material is printed, you will also be given full credit for your work and a small space for a bio and your contact info, should you wish readers to be able to contact you.

submissions are accepted as email content only, anything with attachments will be deleted unopened, each submission must contain the statement below at the end of the material.

with your submission please include your contact info and short bio up to 50 words, cover letters/query letters are not necessary (keep me up to date with changed contact info.)

submit as many original pieces as you like, but each must be in its own email and each with the below statement pasted in.

in the subject line of your submission please write Submission: followed by the sexuality and topic of the story (ie. Submission: Lesbian love)

I will read and reply to each submission within a week though depending upon the amount I receive this time may be extended slightly

submissions and questions can be sent to
Please read and paste the following at the end of your submission:
By submitting this work of creative nonfiction, I declare it to be my own original writing about true events. It has not been published anywhere in any format and is not being considered for publication with anyone else. I understand that I am not guaranteed publication, even if my material is accepted. I also understand my submission will not be used in anyway without my written permission for anything other than the promotion (such as in a book proposal), creation, and/or publication of the anthology for which I am submitting. In the event my material is used for any of the above, I will be given full credit as the author. With this submission I allow it to be edited for clearity and grammatical errors. If at anytime I wish to pull my submission from consideration, before or after acceptance, I may do so with a written request sent in an email, unless the material has already been sent on to be published.