Exotic Variety for

Your Man's Work Lunch Box

                           A Few Suggestions

Cook easy quick healthy nutritious oven or fried continental meals from dolmades with vineleaves to delicious salads to enjoy at home or as packed lunches -inexpensive cooking for housewives -tasty recipes for women.   


               Easy, dry, tasty, Olive-Bread

Dough, made with self-rising flour, same density as for home-made bread.. add some stoned black olives -available from any supermarket.. with plenty of thinly sliced onions for additional taste.. Some dried mint flakes for that special and nice aroma.. and table spoon-full of oil to keep it from going stale -it keeps fresh and it soft… mix.. in greased a tray bake at approx. 180 degrees centigrade -same as for ordinary plain home-made cake (you can tell if it's baked, if, e.g a bread-knife pushed into it comes out clean)... When baked you can cut in the baking pan into approx. 3-inch squares, or simply cut a piece for his work lunch box... Soft, spongy, nice, also with cold beer, cola -hot tea.

                           Rice Fritters

Mix boiled rice with a grated potato or two, grated or  finely chopped onion, salt and black-pepper to taste -chopped parsley (fresh is  aromatic), an egg ~if much, two -mix (if juicy crumble in  a slice of bread or two); spoon by spoon lay in shallow hot oil, flatten -fry turning once, drain ~nice hot or cold on its own (or with plain yoghurt or fresh tomatoes), also with a cold drink.


Stuffed Leaves

1.  Vine-leaves from supermarkets…  mix measured rice  with minced meat -add salt and black-pepper to taste…  approx. two table spoonfuls of the mixture on the reverse side, between the stem and the centre of the vine-leaf,   fold corners inside, roll into thick cigar shape... lay in cooking-pot, in 2 and 1/4 times as much water as the  rice used, with a tablespoonful oil, bring to boil, simmer (as you do rice) -drain...

2.  Same with chard or cabbage leaves and no meat.

Both hot or cold -dry.. or, with plain yoghurt.. or...

A Healthy Salad for When He is Home

Tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, celery, radishes, onions, olive or salad oil, lemon juice, salt ~nice with rice fritters.

And Healthy Boiled Beans at Home

1.   Harricot or Canelli (ordinary white) beans soaked in water overnight, boil soft but firm, drain  -olive or salad oil, lemon juice, salt, freshly chopped parsley, sliced tomatos ~nice on its own, with fish-fingers, or rice fritters.

2.  Black-eye beans (don't soak) and chopped celery, boil until reasonably soft and drain, then hold under cold water to prevent them from becoming mashy or sticking -oil, lemon juice, salt ~steak or cod.

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