The Distroyers

04-01-04 Update

The band is currently looking for talented, committed, musicians that will be willing to play blues/rock, rock and roll, and boogie rock.  Any persons interested must be committed on practicing once a week.  This is not a jam band.  To qualify:

We currently have a drummer and a saxophone player. As of 03-31-04 we have 3 people interested in the openings but decisions have not been made yet.

We provide a 600 watt Yamaha EMX860 Mixer/Amplifier with 2 Eon 1500 Main Loud Speakers and two fender LTB monitors.  The system is ready for use with microphones provided. System is used for vocals and sax.

During shows, we also use a 2,400 watt light show.  Our  rack includes 12 par 38 floods  and 2 par 64 cans with a T4 channel chaser.

Here is a sample of our style of music (Click Here)


If interested in joining, please visit our current openings page.  (Click Here)