Colonial Wine Bottles

“The finest reproduction bottles available on the market today. These bottles are manufactured using period techniques and are copied from original examples in our collection. They represent the highest museum quality reproductions available on the market today.”

Each bottle is priced at $30.00 plus shipping


This is a classic example of the English Shaft and Globe design bottle. Correct in every way, this bottle is hand blown with a snap pontil. An especially pleasing design useful in both late Seventeenth Century and early Eighteenth Century venues.


Our reproduction is a wonderful example of the early English Onion design. Correct for use in Eighteenth Century decorating and living history.


A later example of the English Onion design. The fuller shape of this bottle indicates a slightly later date of manufacture.


This reproduction is a nice example of the round onion design. This design lends itself particularly to early to mid18th century uses.


Our reproduction of the squat onion design embodies the first quarter of the Eighteenth century wine bottle design.


Mallet bottles are closely associated with the Rovers and Pirates of the Spanish Main. The design remained popular through the end of the Eighteenth century.


Here is the classic Mallet Wine bottle. This bottle is essential for any portrayal of Eighteenth century life.

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