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the starstruck kids' ultimate survivor

    Name: Kurt Isaiah Perez

    Birthday: December 1, 1997

    Place: Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija

    School: Angelicum College

    Favorite songs: 'You are not Alone' by Michael Jackson

    Idols: Michael Jackson

    Favorite Color: Red

    Favorite Vegetable: Squash

    Favorite Sports: Basketball

    Favorite toy: Voltes V robot




Since before the Starstruck kids season, Kurt had already gone to joining competitions such as the SM Star Club Child Search last year where he competed with 12 other kids from all over Luzon and thus he won the first runner-up award. Since then he has been doing numerous commercials among which is an advertisement for Cebu Pacific, Selecta moo, Colgate with Sharon Cuneta, Swift Sweet n' Juicy Hotdog with Ai-ai delas Alas , Solmux for kids and UFC Ketchup which is currently rerunning in the KAPUSO channel. 

During the Starstruck kids' season, he showed his talents among the wide audience. Gained many friends and fans who continuously supported him until he had reached the goal. And due to unwaivered conviction through his dream and with the support given by his parents and fans, he had gained the fruit of his success, thus being the ultimate male kid survivor of the Starstruck Kids.


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