Desktop Themes by Veronica

In the next couple of weeks I will be changing this site so that it will run smoother. If you like my themes please go to EZ Skins or Screens and Themes. Thank You.

Please Book mark the Desktop Themes By Veronica 1. So that when this site is down you can go to that site.

We Have Not Forgotten

Welcome to my desktop theme site. Please feel free to look at my themes
and download what ever themes that you like.

Some of my screen savers are built by Storm, please visit Active Media to download some great software.

If you have any problems downloading my themes from Screens and Themes please try Ez Skin at
They also hold my themes.

Mr and Mrs Pheasent(Seasonal Themes)
Moonlight Worship (Fantasy Themes)
Thomas Kincade's Summers Gate (Art Themes)
In Deep Thought (Angel Themes)
U of M Screen Saver
U of M Theme(Special)
Thomas Kincade's Stone Gate (Art Themes)
The works of Thomas Kincade (Screen Savers)
Awesome Autumn(Seasonal Themes)

MSN Messenger Skins Are Here

My Heartfelt sympanthies go out to all who were killed Sept 11,2001 a day that no American will ever forget. May God Bless those familes and may God Bless America!!

I want to thank Dave and Wiz 3 for these wonderful awards. I was very surprised and honored by these awards. Please visit their sites by clicking on their link buttons.

If you like this plaque in memory of the people who died, please visit my good friend Lady Madona's dedication to the attack on American and remember the victims. This is a very good site, there is also a guest book there that you can send a message to the families of the victims.

If you would like to download any desktop themes, you must have a zip program like Netzip, and Winzip. Please visit my tools page and I will have info on where to go to download any of these programs.

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Desktop Themes By Veronica
Desktop Themes By Veronica
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