My webpages for Windrider's WR10 & WR16 and the JLdeV Trimarans

I own three trimarans - two Windriders and a French-made JLdeV. 

The following pages combine my photos, information and experiences with those from several other Windrider websites and groups.  From one location I want to share the unique highlights and challenges of Windrider ownership.  I own the WR16 and WR10, so concentration is placed on these two models. 

I have been unable to locate ANY data about my JLdeV International model trimaran,
so any information visitors can provide will be welcomed.

joanie @ ibrake4boats .com
cctexan99 @ yahoo .com

Windrider WR16
Windrider trimarans are unique in my inventory of sailboats - they are
practically the only sailboats I own that are still in production.  Click
the image or title information about special sailing techniques,
alternate trailering practices, mast stepping variations, and other
helpful hints on WR16 ownership.

Windrider WR10.
Information and photos on solo-handling a WR10,
loading in a mini-truck, adapting a standard boat trailer for
transport, and other helpful hints on WR10 ownership.
  Click the image or title to visit this section.

JLdeV International
My first trimaran was this French-made JLdeV - a trimaran with
catamaran ideas:  It has roto-molded hulls, and uses a tramp
between the two outer hulls. 
If you have ANY information about this trimaran or the company,
please contact me.  Click the image or title for pictures of this
unknown pocket-sized marvel.

Windrider Websites, Forums and Owner Group Links

Windriders - Sailing Trimarans
The manufacturer-supported website providing product
descriptions, dealer info, catalog requests, and more.

The Windrider Yacht Club
A Place for Sails and Hails, Tales and Sales:  An owner-provided forum and photo gallery supported by Windrider owners.

Confluence Sports' Windrider Forum
Forum provided by Windrider's manufacturer, Confluence Sports, to promote an exchange of information among owners.

Windrider Yacht Club Owners Map
An owner-sponsored website with a map depicting Windrider owners
and dealer locations.

Yahoo's Windrider Trimaran Sailboat Club
An owner-supported group specific to Windrider WR16 owners, to encourage communication between Windrider owners.

Yahoo's 4-Real Windrider Group
An owner-supported, membership-restricted group for all-model Windrider sailors, to promote discussion and fellowship among members.

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I sincerely hope you found the website both fun and helpful.

Joanie Johnston
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