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31/03/04 - Wednesday
Some miscellaneous updates. About page updated.

17/01/04 - Saturday
Another link added under Communities Section. A new forum done by Ziying and Lee Shuang(Correct me if I am wrong). Do support them by visiting it.

05/01/04 - Monday
A new Communities Section added. Click on the links and you will be able to view pictures and photographs taken by our band members. Please take note that
WrsMB has no responsibility for the content featured in the communities.

13/11/03 - Thursday
Members List updated. Some minor updates in Site Recognition and Instruments. Please take note that any mistakes made are all due to typo errors. If found, kindly have a proper/formal letter sent to wrsmb@yahoo.com for corrections to be made. Please indicate the errors made, the changes that should be amended and the name of the person. You must also indicate who you are in the letter itself.

04/10/03 - Saturday
Maintenence and some changes.

07/07/03 - Monday
Site Recognition Page added. Visit if you are interested.

23/06/03 - Monday
Updates and fixes on Main Page and other links. Major Update coming soon.

15/04/03 - Tuesday
Okay, finally right? Yes, finally updated. Three months! Anyway, a new feature is added, called the Tag-Board. Similar to a forum or rather more like a chatroom and a notice board. You can post anything here provided that you don't insult these facilities provided for you. You can post things like band notices and announcements here. If you got any announcements to make, just put it here. Reason for this thing to be up: The forum is dead. Hope everyone visiting participate in it. It is much more easier to use than the forum. What to do? Just enter your name, then type what you want. Email or Url are unnecessary. Chat of course, if not, this wonderful Tag Board will disappear soon. Hope not hor...

28/01/03 - Tuesday
WrsMB website won the Golden Web Awards and Deco Website Awards (Gold) ! Thanks for those who contributed alot to the website.

22/01/03 - Wednesday
After long waiting, band website finally update! Sorry for not updating... lazy and busy. Chinese New Year coming round the corner. Heres some Chinese New Year Medley(MIDI) for everyone. About 9mins plus!  Major updates on our conductors' profile and Members' list (Wrss Committee 2002 - 2003).

19/09/02 - Thursday
Today is the last day for band practice. After today, remember to go home and study for your examinations. Menu Bar is being replaced and the instruments page is updated. Hope you like it. All the best!

14/09/02 - Saturday
Due to some errors and complaints receieved, when registering the account for the forum, please register using the Global Account and not Local Account. If you still have problem registering, please email to
wrsmb@yahoo.com telling us your username, password and all the informations that are found at
http://www.ezboard.com/registration/userregistration_global.html . Your informations given to us were be kept confidential.

10/09/02 - Tuesday
Small update on Instruments Page.

07/09/02 - Saturday
Thursday 5 September 2002, band investiture ended. Website updated again. This time, school logo was replaced by band logo. Other updating... still under construction. So please be patient. Band A and Band B ends in a draw... no one voted. Congratualation to our three majors of Year 2002, Band Major - Heng Yu Wei, Drum Major - Khairy, and Concert Master - Teh Han Ming. Those who did not get rank/post, do not feel upset. Just work harder!
{Edit} - Beautiful Life Midi added in Main Page for one week. Hope you all like it! =)

04/09/02 - Wednesday
Instruments added. But not yet complete.

02/09/02 - Monday
Main page redesigned. Informations on conductors and instruments added.
{Edit} - Forum Help updated.

31/08/02 - Saturday
Small update on quote and topic.

30/08/02 - Friday
Help on how to register in Wrsmb Forum added. Help on using the forum will be updated at later time.

29/08/02 - Thursday
Site is up!

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