91 Cigarettes
Welcome to the 91 Cigarettes homepage.

Hopefully you're here because you're a card-carrying fan of 91.1 FM WRVU broadcasting from the campus of Vanderbilt University in  Nashville, Tennessee. From 4-6 on fridays, you can tune into these live sets of music

And even better, you listen to the show this page is dedicated to: 91 Cigarettes, hosted by myself, Alec. I am simply Alec, that is ALL you know me as, and all you probably will know me as.

Now, the show has taken the form of intelligent independent hip hop, with indepenent rock and roll and early smooth jazz influences. Don't be shocked if you hear Johnny Mathis next to Sole, or Aceyalone tracking with Interpol. The point of the show is to blend styles and viewpoints through music in it's rawest and seemingly most sincere form. While requests are often taken, most of the set is really just my personal preference as an appreciator and creator of music. So tune in to listen and enjoy, and hopefully something good comes out of it.

Please understand this show exists in 2 parts: I'm not  DJ for the sake of a DJ, and I'm not playing music simply beacuse I like it. I play the music because I feel you, the population of Nashville Tennessee, would benefit from it. The music is what makes life tick, it's what keeps me going, and I want it to do the same for you tenfold. If you can appreciate it as much as I can, my mission as a DJ is successful.
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