Bored with the original Neopets? If so, then listen up. I've got a great idea.

        Neopets Ultima is a whole new style of Neopets where you can explore and interact like never before. You know how Neopets is, right? Shops, messege boards, a special home page, a boring explore function, and some other pretty basic stuff. However, Neopets Ultima is what a MMO should really look like.

        In this new world, you almost seem to actually be in Neopia. You begin by creating and editing your very own character, which even changes over time. That's right, you grow in Neopia as well as on Earth. After that, it's time to step through the NeoGate to make and meet your first pet. Plus, your pets also grow over time, and you won't be limited on how many pets you can have per account (and if not, I'll try to work something out).

        There will also be plenty of action. Not only will the Battledome be greatly improved, but fights will now be able to occur outside the Battledome, your pets can Level Up to become stronger (so even poor or middle-class pets can be great fighters, w/o having to save up for codestones or dubloons), and you as the character can now particapate in battle (except in the Battledome).

        And, of course, that's just the beginning. There's more back at the info homepage. Later!!