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24 OCT 2004

Added some photos taken during my Batam trip.

22 OCT 2004

Updated my links, and nonsense. And 2 new songs. 1 of them titled "Life's like a boat", which reminds me of Mr. Excite's poem. haha...

4 OCT 2004

Hi! Long time no see! Just updated my nonsense. Seems like it comes once every month, just like...

3 Sept 2004

My apology to Hyang Mi Kim...


2 Sept 2004

Wonder when I'll update this site again. Read my nonsense if you've time.


10 Aug 2004

Finally, really, totally, completely update nonsense definitely happily. Hope you like the song like I do.


7 Aug 2004

Happy National Day in advance! More nonsense for you. WWN@I


3 JULY 2004

More Nonsense


1 JULY 2004

Nonsense nonsense and nonsense


24 JUNE 2004

Hi! I'm back from my tour. This is probably the only update of the MONTH. Check out some nonsense, and photos [this takes a while to load]. I've also added Andy's Puppy's Blues [nice music and pictures] to my links.


12 MAY 2004

Yeah! Got a camera! Will update the photos section soon. Meanwhile, I've updated the nonsense section.


22 APR 2004

Exams are over! Graduating soon. Just updated the nonsense section.


15 APR 2004

Unexpectedly, updated the nonsense section again and again. That's the only section that I can keep updating meanwhile anyway.


14 APR 2004

Just updated the nonsense section again. I think it's because of the exam period that makes me write things that are more solemn. That's boring.


1 APR 2004

April Fool's Day... I've Oral Examination today and my first guitar, which had accompanied me for about 5 years, broke 2 days ago... Here's the murderer!

Anyway, thanks to Andy for continue giving me constructive suggestions. I've change the background colour. Eh~ But I don't know how to do the Flash music thingy eh...


27 MAR 2004

Added some stupid photos and nonsense. Have time, go see.. By the way, thanks to Andy for the one and only friend I've who really look through the pages, and gave me some constructive suggestions.

19 MAR 2004

No gimmick, not much innovation, nothing spectacular. No counter, no guestbook, not wanting to discourage myself. This is my website, made for me to kill time. Frankly speaking, there's nothing much here that matters you. There's no entrance, but there's an exit. Do whatever as you wish. Thanks for coming anyway.