Darkness Descending

Bethann Korsmit

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My book won first place in it's category in the 2008 Reader Views Literary Awards!
Hello Everyone, and welcome to my webpage!  Below is from the back cover of my novel.

To the outside world, Robert Petrovic had it all: money, power, a successful business and most importantly people with whom to share itónamely his mother and his lover.

Only a handful of people knew who and what Robert really was, and one of those people was his son, Alex. Alex was a rising star in politics, and when he found out about his father, he disowned him.

On a fateful July weekend, Robert begins to spiral into the darkness of despair. Within a few hours, Robertís mother disowns him and his lover leaves him heartbroken. Everybody Robert loves abandons him. Feeling utterly alone and abandoned, Robert takes drastic action that starts his descent into darkness.

Will Robertís family try to rescue him from the darkness? Or will they write him off for good? Will Robert find his true self and ascend back to a life where he is accepted and loved? Can he forgive those that hurt him the most?

Robertís journey is one of great joy and unconditional love, but also horrible despair and betrayal. Only time will tell if Robert survives his journey, and only time will tell who is accepted into Robertís life.
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