The Class 50 "Hoovers" Gallery

            50002, "Superb" passing Dawlish heading towards Lea Mount and Kennaway Tunnel

           A G.W.R tank engine leaving Paignton alongside 50002

           Preserved 50002 in Paignton Station

           50002, at Paignton

           50007 waits at York with the "Bishops Triple Railtour" in 1995

           50007 & D400 arrive in Crewe on a Glasgow bound tour organised by RAIL magazine after D400's repaint

           50017 arrives at Exeter St Davids from the L & S.W.R line

           A sorry collection of 50's awaiting disposal at Laira comprising 50021, 50029 and 50030

           50021 & 50041 on the Laira scrapline

           50024 "Vanguard" at Exeter St Davids

           50025 "Invincible" at London Paddington

           50027 passing Dawlish

           50028 in front of Exeter signalbox

           50031 at London Paddington

           50031 many years later at Tinsley Open Day

           50031 at Tinsley Open Day

           50031 "Hood" tows a failed HST along past Marine Parade, Dawlish

           The "Bishops Triple" tour arrives in York with 50033, 50050 and 50007

           50033 and 50050 on the "Glorious Sunset" trip, parked up at York

           50033 at London Paddington

           50033 at London Paddington, about seven years later with a railtour for Paignton.

           50033 with the return leg of "The Bishops Triple"

           50033 with the return leg of "The Bishops Triple"

           50033  on the "Glorious Sunset" trip, at York. This was to take her to the N.R.M

           50033 leaving York

            50033 & D400 at York

           A lovely shot of 50040 towing an HST through Dawlish station

           50040 skirts along main beach, at Dawlish

           50042 and 50002 stabled at Exeter

           50042, 50002 and 50024 at Exeter

           50043 & 50001 passing Dawlish light

           50044, 50031, 50007 and 55015 at Tinsley Open Day

           50044, 50031 and 50007  at Tinsley Open Day

           50044, at Tinsley Open Day

           50044 at Tinsley Open Day

           50045 shunts sleeper stock at Plymouth, in the days when the evening service to Scotland was 50 hauled

           50050 at Exeter St Davids

           50050 stabled at York

           50050 stabled at York

           An unidentified class 50 skirts along Coryton Cove, Dawlish

            A class 50 passing Dawlish with an HST in the station

           Two class 50s passing Dawlish

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