Class 43 High Speed Trains

43024, at Westbury with a           43033 & 43175 approach Dawlish  43050 leaves Dawlish with a       43071 & another HST at Plymouth
Paignton service                                                                                      Nottingham - Paignton train

43088 & 43082 arrive at Dawlish  43102, at Retford                   43121 & 43002 wait at Exeter St        43121 leaves Dawlish Warren
with a Paignton to Newcastle                                                        Davids with  Leeds and Plymouth      heading from Liverpool to Plymouth
train                                                                                                train. 150241 is on a local

43131 works a London to            43138 & 43017 pass Cockwood    43173 & 43159 approach Dawlish 43190 & 159008 at Dawlish
Paignton service having                 running from London to                with a Paignton - London train
been in the wars                            Penzance

43193 & 43194 pass                     A Virgin HST working from           A HST arrives at Reading             HST near Sprey Point, Teignmouth
Cockwood Harbour                      Paignton to Newcastle passes
                                                      Horse Cove

HST approaching Totnes             A HST near Chippenham               A HST near Chippenham              A First Great Western HST about to
from the East                                                                                                                                                enter Parsons Tunnel

HST at Dawlish                            HST at Dawlish                             HST at Dawlish                            An HST enters Parsons tunnel

Great Western HST leaves           An HST approaches Dawlish in   An  HST at Dawlish                     An  HST at Dawlish
Dawlish with a stopping train      old executive Intercity livery

HST approaching Dawlish           An  HST at Dawlish                       An  HST at Dawlish                     Two HST's stop at Dawlish