For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf
And the
strength of the Wolf is the Pack
~ Rudyard Kipling ~
Welcome to My Web Page

If you've found your way here, you probably came via the
WOLF Spaders website.  I am proud to be the creator and owner of theWS Club, and treasure dearly the friendships that have grown because of WS and the wonderful people who make up its membership.   All of the Wolfies are awesome people. 
They play a pretty mean game of spades too!
I guess my greatest personal achievement in the Zone would be
winning the
Zestoc Tourney in August 2000. Of course, I couldn't
have done it without my wonderful partner,
We had a charmed day and played awesome spades.
For someone like me who considers herself a mediocre player
at best, it was the thrill of a lifetime!
As +_Luckee, you will often find me hosting a tourney or a spur
somewhere in the
MSN Gaming Zone, which is something I very much
enjoy doing for the Zoners, who are a great group of people :))

So if you enjoy playing spades and wanna have some fun, come join the Wolfies and me at our tourneys.  Just check the
Tournaments Page
in the
Spades Section of the Zone to find out when and where,
or check the
WOLF Spaders website for more information on
WOLF Spaders Tourneys. 

Something else special from WS is my creation of Wolfie Word Play~~ similar to trivia, but with more word play than straight trivia questions~~ it's an awful lot of fun to play and
enjoyed by many of the Zoners.
I don't get to host it as often as I used to, but we're working on making
some new Wolfie Hosts so we can keep bringing Word Play to you :))
Thanks for stopping by my page ~~ if you see me in the Zone,
feel free to send a hello my way, as friendly faces are always
a welcome site to this Wolfie!!
Have Fun & Enjoy!!

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