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For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf
And the
strength of the Wolf is the Pack

~ Rudyard Kipling ~
Bienvenue To My Webpage!

My name is Florence, and I am from the beautiful Country of France!  If you found your way here, it was most likely through the
WOLF Spaders website, my Spades Club in the MSN Gaming Zone.

My Wolfie friends and I have a great time in the Zone where we participate in Spades Tournaments.
When I'm not in the Zone playing Spades, some of my other interests include, music, arts, cats, diving, drawing, painting, reading and traveling.  I also make miniature boxes as a hobby and I have included several photographs of some of my work on my photos page, so I hope you will visit there. 

"There is no coincidence, all that happens is good" is my conviction.  I really love honest, genuine people.  I am a Life Lover :)
Thank you for visiting my webpage ~ I hope you'll take a minute to sign my Guestbook so I know you were here :)

I am happy to have met so many nice people on the Zone.  So if you happen to see me howling around, let's play together and have fun !!!!!!