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For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf
And the
strength of the Wolf is the Pack

~Rudyard Kipling ~
Hi and Welcome to the WebPage of Wiz Wolf!!

If you're looking at my page, you probably came here via the
website of the
WOLF Spaders, the Spades Club I belong to in the
MSN Gaming Zone.  We are a bunch of howling good friends who love nothing more than to get together for a Spades tournament.  Unless it's whooping our opponents, that is!!
When I'm not playing Spades in the Zone, I enjoy spending
time with my Kids, riding ATVs, Circle Track Racing, Fly Fishing, Hunting...In general I simply love nature and all of Gods Creations.
So if you happen to see me howling about in the Zone, Give me a hollor and mabey we can play a tourny..Psst If your female..."smmmooooccchs"...Wow its good to be single again!

**Note I have a new Photo's Page**

Thanks for stopping by my page!!  Have a Great Day!
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