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Kate Manderson - 12/09/00 01:50:39
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hey people, this is Kate, you may remember me from seasons past. just thought id surf on in to look up some info on the competition because i miss the people, the game (mostly the weather though) the page looks great, although i agree with the girls, some more pictures would be great. thats about it from england (land of no softball) see you in 2001........maybe

Shai - 12/06/00 10:27:32
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Hi I was wandering around and found your place. Your sets are just beautiful, thanx sooo much for sharing your talent. Shai :o)

Ean Drummond - 10/16/00 09:35:12
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Very informative and professional website. Your assoc. seems very strong in player numbers. 2 of my boys have rejoined Werribee S.A. after a two season absence and I am shocked at how their junior numbers have dropped. I would have thought the VSA would h ve in place a junior development plan that clubs follow to ensure growth at this level. Good luck with your season.

Ryan J Sexton - 07/23/00 11:19:43
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Aimee murch - 06/18/00 10:24:42
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yeah good web page i play for canberra and you sooo should get u 19's going, asap, cause im only a u 19 for a few more years...PLEASE

emily cross - 06/06/00 12:55:29


Simone - 06/05/00 11:14:07
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Great site, it's a really good idea but anna and nic are right maybe a few more pic's. but still an ace site.bye

Melissa - 05/10/00 12:27:06
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Jess Newman and Emily Alexander - 05/05/00 01:43:33

We've had some great times at the easter carnivals over the last 6 years. Met some great people, had great billets and we're going to miss not playing next year. You should include under 19s. Good site, needs more pictures and more about the easter carniv ls.

Nick - 04/15/00 13:58:36
My Email:N.Paez@kingswoodcollege.vic.edu.au

Site's cool, club's cool, it's all cool. If YOU read this (you know who you are if you are reading.) I miss you.

- 04/12/00 04:38:13

I was at Waverly last season.......Comment removed because person did not leave their name for follow-up.

anna - 04/04/00 05:21:11
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love the website, maybe a few more pics.

Coach Clark - 01/31/00 02:45:46
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We are just getting ready for our season in Johnstown, Ohio USA. Good Luck and come and visit our page.

Nicole Place - 01/28/00 04:43:55
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Good website but I think it needs more pictures of both club teams and Waverley representative teams.

Tara Mowder - 01/16/00 19:02:30
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I'm a member of the Port Perry Angels Fastball Team from Ontario, Canada. I think your site is great. Our team is going to be travelling to Australia in March. We are going to Sydney to have a couple of ball games. Goog luck in your season.

bob - 12/12/99 04:41:36
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State selecters should be looking at other players outside of W.S.A.

Tiffany Wier - 10/14/99 17:40:26
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Hi girls. Maybe you all remember me, maybe you don't but I was on the first Field of Champions team. I stayed with Kate Martin ( My host sister). I just wanted to say hi and wish you all luck in your softball season. =)

Katie Male - 08/21/99 08:44:41
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Kevin Offer - 07/15/99 02:21:32
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Good webpage. Check out the Horsham Softball Association page at http://www.users.bigpond.com/kevin_offer/ would you please add us to your links page. Keep up the good work. Kevin Offer - Horsham

connie - 06/19/99 12:36:59

Need more info on Victorian Softball Association

Kristi jackson - 03/29/99 04:46:06
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Mike Smith - 02/21/99 16:57:53
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I would be interested to see if your program offers fastpitch softball for girls. We will be hosting the Pony Softball for Girls Nationals in Sterling,Virginia, USA -(15 miles West of Washington DC) from July 27 - Aug 1,1999. I would like to open communic tions about mutually opportunities to travel between each others countries and participate in tournaments this year.

Craig - 01/16/99 03:34:47
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Hello, I'm your neighbor. I'm Midfield 5981 and your 5980. Anyways you have a nice page. If you want you can look at mine. Bye bye! Craig

-Blank- - 01/15/99 13:45:51
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Perhaps you could list all of the state/national representatives from your association.

Chris Nelson - 01/06/99 21:37:32
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Great start Dave, I will Email some comments.

Lindsay Halladay - 10/13/98 05:13:35
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I'm 13 years old and play fastpitch softball in Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA. I am a pitcher and first baseman.

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