Member dues are currently $15 per year and entitle you to full voting rights and a monthly newsletter.  Current members
are also eligible to one (1) chance in the annual big game hunt drawing held at our April meeting each year.

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION:  Once your form is filled out and payment ($15.00 check or money order please)
made to the WSBGC, your application will be reviewed and voted on by the members present at the next monthly
meeting of the council.
(If you have trouble printing our on-line application form, E-Mail us for help, or we can snail-mail one to you.)

MEETINGS:  3rd. Thursday of the month at 7:30 PM (Need not be a member to attend)
 Raffle drawings are held near the end of the meeting.

LOCATION:  AUBURN EAGLES, 702 M St. SE, Auburn,WA 98092
go to for map.

MAILING ADDRESS:  W.S.B.G.C.   P. O. Box 1703  Renton, WA 98057 - 1703