My name's Denny - I'm just your average 21-year old who feels like he got a couple lucky breaks in life....

What's your background?

I am a proud graduate of the Detroit Catholic Central High School Class of 1998... I graduated Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts (RTV-11-98) on June 11th, 1999... I am in my third semester @ Madonna University this Fall where I've reached Dean's List each semester and should gain an Associates in Communications by the early 2002. I am currently a producer @ Sportsradio 1130 the Fan and Fox Sports Radio 1310, the X. I produce live play-by-play as well as talk shows on the two sister stations. You can listen to DFN and XDX (3-6 PM is Keily and Booms - best 3-hours of radio in the USA!) by clicking on their respective logos and following the links on their website! Before DFN, I did morning drive sports and production at WYUR-Dearborn/Detroit. I served as a paid intern in the sports and news department for 9-months at WJR in Detroit, Michigan! At WJR, I served as an assistant producer for Sportswrap as well as a news and sports reporter. It was a seven-day-a-week internship and I think I got the most out of it. I owe plenty of praise to Jeff Defran (he mentored me during my time @ WJR - he's currently PD and morning show co-host @ The Ticket, 1050 AM in Ann Arbor) who took me under his wing as a mere intern and set me up with some pretty cool side gigs. He's also helped me out with some tough decsions the radio biz forces upon you. Thanks a bunch Jeff, you 'da man! I'm also a stringer for KMVP in Phoenix, AZ. I work Michigan football games for them doing in-game reports and getting them live post-game interviews from the locker room! As for my latest venture? I freelanced for HBO August 20-27 as a production assistant for the Madonna concert that aired live from the Palace of Auburn Hills on Sunday, August 26th, 2001.

So Denny, where did you get your start in Broadcasting?

I live in Canton, MI (not the most exciting place on the planet, but it worked out very very good for me). I got lucky as heck to be born where I am, 'cuz it put me in the Plymouth-Canton School District, one of the few that have a Radio Station in their High School! I joined WSDP my freshman year - and began the journey of my life! I served as a valuable memeber of the sports staff all four years, including serving as sports director my senior year! I did play-by-play for high school basketball, football, baseball, and even a little soccer, hockey, and volleyball! I am currently the morning sports anchor for the Jake in the Morning show - weekdays from 6-9 AM on the Escape, 88.1 FM. It is with great pride that I have linked to WSDP - you can listen to the station via Real Audio now by clicking on the logo above! When I make it big one day, WSDP will be the first "non-profit organization" I give back too. I owe everything in the world to station manager Bill Keith for letting me get my foot in the door. The people I met there will remain a part of my life forever - no matter how close I was to each and every staff memeber. I met a lifelong friend and developed many other friendships while on staff - including my "High School Sweetheart" Junior and Senior year. I would NOT trade ANY of my experiences on staff (or with the sweetheart) for the world! The saying is true, you learn more about yourself in High School then any other stage of your life...

So tell me a little about yourself......

I'm a baseball freak (Tigers in 2001! Well, maybe not...) - Favorite movie? Probably Beverly Hills Cop series - Favorite actor by far is Eddie Murphy... Favorite movie scene of all time comes from Nutty Professor II... I was drinking a cherry coke in the theater and came about 2-seconds from blacking out.... I couldn't breath at one point during the scene at the all-you-can-eat restuarant... I saw it with a college aged crowd right off campus of Michigan State.. perfect setting.. Got a DVD players in late 2000 and have collected 47 of them so far ranging from Armageddon to Coyote Ugly... Honestly though I am a big fan of With Honors - seen it twice in the past 5-years.... very well done movie - and it has some personal meaning to it as well - Favorite music? I listen to all but enjoy Aerosmith, Sarah, and Gin Blossoms the most probably..

Every now and then I'm asked "what do I look for in a gal?".... honesty #1, driven, having a purpose in life and motivation makes someone intriguing. She has to be able to laugh, no humor - no personality. Finally, she's able to be open and blunt about her opinions - yet not selfish either... She's not another teeny bopper who just tries to "fit in" and "be cool", and an athletic personality (slight to major interest in sports) is always a plus.. the "perfect" face is a cross between Christina Ricci (Think Bless the Child, not her as a blonde) and Elisabeth from Survivor II - Australian Outback.

All right - time to say "Hi!" to your family and friends......

Thanks for everything you've done for me mom! Weather is beautiful and yes Dad, I wish I was in St. Pete, FL with you! Love ya lit-bit (sister Liz) - If I knew where my older sister (Dawn) was, I'd wish her my best too - but she's probably on a plane somewhere.... My brother is the first member of my immediate family to graduate from college (U-M Dearborn) - congrats and best of luck as you move to Philly Larry - I'll miss you :( - To the worlds best brother-in-laws - Steve and Billy - you guys rock! Sis-in-law Valerie also get's a "Hey!" And my nieces (Ashley, Alyssia, Ariel, and Dominique) and nephew (Shawn) - Uncle Denny loves you much!

To my friends - my lifelong pal who is there for me through thick and thin (although sometimes I DO want to strangle him to death for not thinking before acting/talking) a.k.a. my #1 All-time broadcast partner John! - I'd like to also say "Hi!" Chris - #1 All-time neighbor and best under 5'7" athlete I know (although he's growing quick I should add)! Chris was a 2-year letter winner on VARSITY BASEBALL @ SALEM! He's well into his first year @ Michigan State this fall.- Best of luck bro, I miss ya! Props go out to Jake (host of Jake in the Morning - weekday mornings on 88.1 FM, the Escape) - Jake's the best production guy I've ever worked with throughout my years in "educational" and "commercial" radio... that says ALOT... If you ever need a DJ for anything, he's the man. Thanks for the ear when I needed it Jake - we're climbing the same ladder and not doing too bad considering our age! And last but not least, I can't forget Kimmy... ever since the freak meeting on the train to Chicago, you've been one of the closest friends I've ever had... And thanks to you, I'll never ever forget the Summer of 2000. Thanks for everything and best of luck to you and your new husband (We'll always have Amtrak!) Jonnie... and a quick shoutout to all my RTV-11-98 Audio Classmates - "Life's a journey, not a destination!"

And finally to my "on-line" patrons! The #1 Duke (Go State!) and Dallas Stars (not any better!) fan in the country, Kalyn! Kal was cool enough to invite me down to experience college basketball's greatest rivalry, Duke/Carolina - in March of '00. I had an awesome timee and learned all about K-Ville, experienced the actual game (as well as Cameron Indoor), and the bonfire as well. Truly one weekend I will never forget. Seriously, Kal's been there for me through thick and thin and I'm most appreciative.

Also Sharna, Thanks for the hospitality and an Australian BBQ I won't soon forget! To see a few pics from my trip to Sydney and a brief overview of what I experienced, click here.As with Kimmy, you always seem to find a pal when you're least expecting it, and on that note Chris Schrader deserves a shoutout 'cuz he's gone from a fantasy baseball geek (err... competitor) to somewhat of a little brother to me... thanks for the ear pal - you seem to be pretty darn mature for your age, don't stress out to quick on the gals... war baseball and friends forever! I'm really looking forward to coming to Baltimore sooner than later... Elisa - If ever there were two "oppisite" people, I think we'd qualify. Best of luck @ U-M! Here's a pic of us, it's from a Tiger game in early August. click here. ~ To Kimmy H - Smoothies and pierogies... there's not a better combo :) Good luck @ Western! Erin - Life's given you plenty of hurdles - keep your head up and thanks for the ear! Nicole - you ARE my image consultant no matter what you think... we'll never be able to spend enough time together! Best of luck as you journey through final year of school and out of state to Grad school - I'll be missing you tons :( A quick shoutout for De De (DeMia) is in order! I'll find you in Alaska one of these days... Hope you get your job with Alaska Airlines!

The Photo Gallery (no, I'm not photogenic - everyone says I'm better in person!)

The Dream came true..... well, kind of. John and I got to witness World Series baseball firsthand when we saw the Yanks beat the Diamondbacks in games 3, 4, and 5 at Yankee Stadium. Those 3 games are easily the best 3 baseball games John and I have ever witnessed.. Games 4 and 5 are quite possibly the best World Series games ever! As much of a baseball junkie as I am, this was a dream (without the Tigers) come true...

- John and I in the right-center bleachers before game 3 (October 30, 2001)

- Tino's game-tying home run trot with 2 out in the bottom of the 9th in game 4 (October 31, 2001)

- Jeter's (Mr. November!) game-winning home run trot in the bottom of the 10th of game 4 (Early November 1, 2001)

-John and I before Game 5 behind home plate! (November 1, 2001)

-Soriano Singles and Knobby slides across home plate as Yanks win game 5 in bottom of 12th! (Early November 2, 2001)

-The celebration after the Game 5 win! (Early November 2, 2001)

-John and I after the Game 5 win! (Early November 2, 2001)

I spent my 21st birthday in Detroit and Dearborn Hts. celebrating Kimmy and Jonny's long-awaited wedding. The day after, a majority of my family got together @ Ernesto's in Plymouth for lunch to celebrate my 21st and Dawn's 33rd.

- This pic was taken after lunch and features: (from left to right) - Dawn, Grandma (Dad's side), Ashley, Grandpa (Dad's side), Shawn, Bill, Liz, Alyssia (in front), Denny, Elisa, and Steve. (August 12, 2001)


In late July (20-22) of 2001, Chris, John, and I went to Jacobs Field to heckle Juan Gonzalez and enjoy a weekend baseball getaway.

- Chris and I with the Indians scoreboard behind us.

- Chris and I in front of Gund Arena (Home of the Cav's, and on that weekend - a WWF pay-per-view).


I've spent the early part of 2001 helping out WSDP by doing morning sports with Jake and lining up a couple guests for the auction (our annual fundraiser) plus donating a pair of *NSYNC floor seats for Jake's show - which has been the most fun I've ever had with a promotion.

- Chris Edmonds (morning show personality @ 100.3, WNIC), Jake, and myself @ the auction **click here** (May 12, 2001)

- Jeff Defran (my mentor and program director @ 1050 AM, the Ticket) and myself @ the auction **click here** (May 12, 2001)

- Jeff and Jake @ the auction **click here** (May 12, 2001)

- Jake and myself in downtown Plymouth working our N'Sync promotion (Check out my new WDFN jacket!!!!)**click here** (June 1, 2001)


As you probably know by now, I am a Crowd Manager for the Detroit Tigers. The following group of pictures was taken on Sunday, October 1st, 2000. It was the final game of the regular season and a few of the Tigers were kind enough to stop and pose with me on their way home for the winter.

- Team President John McHale

- General Manager Randy Smith

- #1 picks in '97 and '98, Matt Anderson and Jeff Weaver (respectivly) are the future anchors of the Tiger's pitching staff. Anderson's holding his first ever child who was 6-weeks old when this was taken.

- AL Saves Leader (42) and Tiger record holder Todd Jones

- Comeback player of the year and a part of the "core", Left Fielder and fan favorite Bobby Higginson

- Another member of the "core", my favorite player on the team and the staff ace as well, Brian Moehler


All these were taken on Saturday, September 22nd, 2000 @ the Breslin Center on MSU's campus. The university paid $75,000 for the Final Four floor which they had available for pictures with the players before the Notre Dame football game that day. The floor was shipped to the Upper Peninsula the following week where it was repainted to service as Michigan State's new home court! The guy I'm with is John Kreger - he's the "best friend" I refer to in my family and friends section above.....

- John and I posed with Spartan Head Coach Tom Izzo!

- John and I with Naismith Award candidate Charlie Bell!

- John and I with former Duke Blue Devil and current Sparty Mike Chapell!


- Anaheim 1B Mo Vaughn takes a moment to pose with my nephew Shawn and myself (in work uni.) outside Comerica Park (September 5, 2000)

- The waitress celebrates my 20th birthday with me :) (August 11, 2000)

- Michigan State wins National Chamionship - We celebrated in dome, then bought shirts, hats, newspapers - and ended up in Hooters to celebrate John's 21st birthday! Waitress begged me for a picture so I obliged for a picture we took with HER camera! (April 4, 2000 - 12:30 AM)

- Detroit News photo of me on the street just outside of the RCA Dome 2-hours before tip-off of the National Championship game (April 3, 2000)

- Sparty and I share a moment at a Spartan Pep Rally "Sweet 16" weekend in Auburn Hills, MI (March 24, 2000)

- My niece Ashley and I in the Tigers dugout a week or so after the final game @ Tiger Stadium (October, 1999)

- Myself and my Dad at Final Four in St. Petersburg! (March 29, 1999)


These were taken on a one-week cruise through St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Martinique, Barbados, and one other place I'm forgetting....

- Dad, stepmom, me, Larry Little (Offensive lineman on '72 Dolphins undefeated team) and wife. (March of '99)

- Green Monkey eating lunch :) - Green Monkeys are only found in a certain African nation - and in Barbados, site of this photo. (March of '99)

- Green Monkey gives us a good profile shot! (March of '99)


- Michigan State 3-point specialist Jason Klein takes a moment to pose with me at a Tigers game! (May of '99)

- Myself and my 1st car the day I got it. (August 18, 1998 I believe)

- My Best Senior Picture (June, 1997)

The Sound Gallery

- Attention program directors: The following airchecks are my most recent uploads: I can throw together anything on request - and my resume is e-mail ready (drop me an e-mail @!

*This air-check (.wav format - 2.87 mb) is from the last week of October 2000.

*This air-check (real audio format - 239 kb) is a sports read from April 2000.

Warning: to listen to air-check, you have to close web page after downloading it or the midi file on the bottom of the page will interfere

Additional demo's - Station/Concert Promo in Real Audio (130 kb) and mp3 (967 kb)

Random Sports Thoughts... (updated 8/17/01)

-MSU Hoops is in scary shape after losing Richardson and Randolph along with 5 other seniors. 2001-02 campaign will be a test of Izzo's character should he stick around to coach it.

-Detroit Tigers have issues.... Ilitch is freezing payroll to pay off a loan in winter of 2001... good idea considering the impending lockout on Halloween... I guess I don't have too much faith in the Tigers right now, in fact - Life would be grand if Ilitch would just SELL THE BLASTED TEAM.... I'm sorry, but Mike has no freaking clue what he's doing and he's surrounded himself with a circus parlor of managment, not "baseball" personell. By the way, nice hire of Dombrowski, maybe he'll save Ilitch's behind...

-Detroit Pistons - Cliff Robinson, a couple european 7-footers, and the new kid from UNC-Charlotte... Different is good in this case... too bad they missed out on Howard Eisley :( WDFN is your home for Pistons' hoops this summer and I'm looking forward to watching this squad on the floor. Heck, I sat first row behind the visitor's bench when Jordan came to town... The Pistons are off to one heck of a start.

-Detroit Red Wings - Back-2-Back champs of late 90's fell apart for a couple years but had an AWESOME 2001 offseason - Hasek, Robatille, and Hull - The Wings have to be considered favorites to get back to the Finals!

-Detroit Lions are a lost cause as of... well...... the last three decades (exception - 1992 NFC Championship)..... They're 0-for-7 when I last updated this... they deserve no more print on my page.

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John and I saw the Yanks win games 3, 4, and 5 of the 2001 World Series at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. Part of the tradition of a Yankee win is the playing of "New York, New York". This tune will never be forgotten after 3 incredible Yankee wins.