A Radioman's Log
The Military Diary of
T/Sgt. Walter C. Fifer
    As a boy rummaging around the basement, I came upon my father's box of WWII memorabilia.  Tucked in among photos, magazines, maps and patches where a couple small notebooks,  I opened and began reading the story of my father's war experience, written as it happened.  Like most of his generation, Dad had never discussed the details of his experience as a radio operator on a B-24 Liberator.  A whole new world was opened to me, and my heart swelled with pride.  On the following pages, I share my father's diary in the hopes of shedding some light on the experiences of the air crews who flew the frigid skies over occupied Germany during World War II.  It is a salute to my father, but it is also a tribute and thank you to all the men and women who have fought to protect our freedom and democracy.  To them we are all  greatly indebted.
                       From his hometown paper-  

  (Tuscola, Illinois)   Technical Sergeant Walter C. Fifer, Tuscola, Illinois, a veteran radio operator on a B-24 Liberator bomber has recently been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for extraordinary achievement while participating in many bombing missions over Germany and occupied territory.
     Sergeant Fifer is a member of the oldest B-24 Liberator group in the European Theater of Operations.  He also wears the Air Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters, the Distinguished Unit Badge, a group citation from the War Department for action on Ploesti in Rumania and the European Theater Ribbon.
     Recently his group was cited by a division commander for completion of over 200 missions against the enemy.
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