GORBY, the wonder cat

His Interests

My passport photo

I speak and laugh

I like to tan

I bet you didn't know that I was an alien

Don't pull my tail! It hurts

You wouldn't believe how hard it was to set these up. I like it when it is quiet.

One of my favorite sports is pole vaulting


You may wonder about my Nobel Prize. When a human pets me, there is a release of gorbonium ions which carry a multidimensional charge. This leads to the transport of my hairs to any part of the universe. It occurs via quantum mechanical tunneling. There is zero probability that a hair will appear where I don't want it. A unique feature of gorbonium ions is their selective attachment of cat hairs to black fabric. The reason for this phenomenon is that cat hairs form triple bonds with black fabric, but only form weaker, double bonds with other colors. Wear some black cloths and hold a cat and the phenomenon will be demonstrated. My Uncle Boltzman helped me elucidate the kcat or 'kitty cat' constant. I searched many years for the value of this constant.

Gorb the orb, knob on the job

cat ass trophyIt could be a cat ass trophy!

my favorite web page

Cats of Turkey

Cats of Pennsylvania

Original Music from one of Gorby's humans

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mail for Gorby's dude human