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July 5th-7th
At Kayuta Lake Campgrounds, Forestport, NY

Here is a little story about a family who rented a rowboat, rowed out to the middle of Kayuta lake, only to discover the boat was taking in water.  Bill scratched his head, looked around at the water in the boat and said, "I don't think my rowing has splashed that much water into the boat."  And I said, "Maybe there's a hole?"  At this point Alanna screamed, "There IS a hole!  I can see the hole mommy!"  And Bill, rowing frantically towards shore, yelled at Alanna, "Well, cover it with your foot!"

And if Bill had rowed any slower,
we all would have been clinging to each other around this fire to get dry.

Ash with a sand castle bucket
on her head and looking through
binoculars says, 
"Look mom, I can see you."

Ashley went on roller skates 
for the first time.

Ashley eating goldfish crackers in my chair, and refusing to look at me for a picture.

Alanna shuffling UNO cards


Alanna learned to play badminton, and she even beat me 20-12!
Alanna chased me with water guns
Ashley eating Breakfast before we left for home.
Here are a few images I took from our home video recorder so they aren't perfectly clear.
Alanna climbed her first tree today because Bill kicked her ball too high and it got stuck.

Ashley running away in the woods with a cookie.

(the elusive 'little-foot')

Bill and Nikki playing badminton
If Looks could kill, I'd be dead.  Alanna came running back from the outhouse, and when she saw I had the tape recorder going she told me to stop recording so she could tell me something.
Naturally, I left it running but made it look as though I wasn't taping. 
She proceeded to tell me she had wet her pants before she could get into the bathroom because she had to go so bad she couldn't wait. 
That's when I teased her by letting her know I had been taping everything and she came after me with this dirty look, (chocolate on her face and all), trying not to crack a smile. 
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