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Darious with Grandpa Stevens 3/6/01
Darious with Grandma Cathcart 3/6/01
Darious with Nik, Grandma & Grandpa Cathcart  5/01
Darious with Nana & Aunt Angela 5/27/01
Darious with Great Grandma and Grandpa Morris 5/28/01
Darious with Great Grandma Manweiler 3/01
Darious with Great Uncle Derek 5/27/01
Darious with Auntie Courtney 5/12/01
Darious with Auntie Ria 3/10/01
Darious has lots of other family members that are not pictured here.  Unfortunately his life was so short we were unable to capture beautiful moments with everyone.  I can honestly say that he got to meet all of his wonderful family members.  I apologize to those that I didn't grab the camera and shoot those precious moments.  Those are the memories that will last in our hearts forever!!