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We are a non-religious support group and welcome homeschoolers of any age and philosophy.

Westside Homeschoolers is an informal support group for homeschooling kids, teens, and families on the Westside of Los Angeles, including Santa Monica, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Topanga, Malibu and other surrounding areas. We are an eclectic group, open to people of all homeschooling styles, ages, religions, and geographic areas. Our sole purpose is to create opportunities for homeschoolers to meet, network, socialize and support one another. Email copykatz@aol.com for information on our park days and more, or join the Email Announcement Loop.

Read this before you RSVP to a field trip

It takes energy and effort to arrange a field trip. Please be considerate and let the host know you're coming. If you RSVP and then can't make it, please let the host know you won't be there.

Why RSVP? Often a minimum is needed for an event to happen. Sometimes there is a maximum, too. Also, when you RSVP, the hosts also knows who to contact if there is a change in plans. It's better to take a minute to RSVP than to end up the only one there.

Why cancel? If there is a maximum number allowed, your cancellation means someone on the waiting list can now come. If there is a minimum number required, it means the host can should round up more bodies. Also, if you don't show up but the group is expecting you, they could end up delaying the entire event waiting for your arrival.

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