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“WSIB_TIPS” Premium Assistance
Specializing in:
WSIB Employer Tax Reviews
Recovery of Over-Billed or
Over-Paid Premiums

WSIB_TIPS, was developed to assist in the review of your current and past EMPLOYER PREMIUM TAXES, and to make recommendations that help you ensure that your current payroll reporting and premium calculations result in correct WSIB assessments. 
We will also try to recover for you any overpayments of WSIB premiums for prior periods that you may have incorrectly remitted, and excessive service charges or premium remittance penalties that have been added to your account.

About Us:

WSIB_TIPS has a staff with over 25 years experience who formerly worked at the WSIB in positions such as Field Auditor, Senior Field Auditor, Program Guidelines Specialist, Revenue Policy Analyst, Audit Technical Advisor, and Field Audit Manager.  Our WSIB Revenue Tax Specialist is Mr. David Leonard, a former Field Audit Manager, who is now prepared to show you how to keep or recover those hard-earned monies which you have been inadvertently and unknowingly overpaying to the WSIB.

WSIB_TIPS operates as an associate of the Kingston Independent Insurance & Investment Group.

PHYSICALLY LOCATED IN FOLEYET, ONTARIO, CANADA, David is offering his services to employers in NORTHEASTERN ONTARIO; notably Timmins, Sudbury, and North Bay and points inbetween.

How Can We Help?:

• Review and explain the questions arising from reassessments related to WSIB Revenue (Tax) Audits.

• Liaise on your behalf with the WSIB’s Collections department to assist you in developing a customized payment arrangement, and the cancellation of excessive service or late payment charges.
• Advise your team on improving your current payroll reporting practices to ensure they meet established WSIB Revenue policies, and the expectations of the WSIB Revenue Auditor.

• Conduct mock payroll and employer classification audits, simulating standard WSIB classification and payroll audit procedures.

• Coach your team members in answering the questions asked by the WSIB Revenue Auditor, and providing our experienced representative to you for on-site assistance when your firm is being subjected to a WSIB revenue/tax audit.

• Make recommendations in respect to your firm’s methods of calculating insurable payroll and self-assessment practices in preparing your WSIB premium remittances.

• Make recommendations on the preparation and organization of supportmaterials required to  be shown to WSIB payroll auditors and other authorized WSIB representatives that confirm either your desired classification changes, or to confirm that your firm is correctly classified, for purposes of setting the assessment rate (per hundred dollars of insurable payroll) that is applied to your firm’s payroll.

• Prepare annual statement of payroll to WSIB.

• Other assistance as required.

• Kingston Insurance and Investment Group (KIIG), an associate company,  can provide you with alternative insurance premium and/or investment information, and other insurance coverage options if it is determined that workers’ compensation coverage is not compulsory.

How Long Does It Take?:

Generally this assistance takes between five and ten days depending on the current payroll reporting practices and supporting documents that you are currently maintaining.

Snail mail:-
David G. Leonard,
WSIB Tax/Premium Specialist
P.O. Box 175
One Finn Hill Road,
Foleyet, Ontario   P0M 1T0

Toll Free:  1-877-354-0290
         (L.D. charges apply)


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