The LDS Presidency

It's just a cozy family business

Here are the relationships to different LDS hierarchy

Gordon B. Hinckley, president of LDS Church:

- Grandfather, F. Ira Hinckley, F. Bryannt S. Hinckley, both Stake Presidents

- Uncle, apostle Arza A. Hinckley

- Cousin, apostle Joseph B. Wirthlin andd his brother 70 Richard B. Wirthlin (his wife Jeralie Mae Hilton Chandler related to 70s Waldo P. Call and Russell C. Taylor, apostles Orson Pratt and Parley P. Pratt, 70 John B. Dickson)

- wife of apostle Neal A. Maxwell

- 70 John H. Groberg, who's related to tthe wives of apostles Neal A. Maxwell and M. Russell Ballard; wives of 70s C. Max Caldwell and Keith B. McMullin; 70s Robert D. Hales and Earl C. Tingey; apostle Arza A. Hinckley (Groberg's wife Jean Sabin Groberg is related to apostle Dallin H. Oaks and 70 W. Eugene Hansen

- 70 Albert Choules

- apostle Rudger Clawson

- cousin, 2nd counselor James E. Faust <


Thomas Spencer Monson:

- 70 Graham W. Doxey, wife Mary Louise YYoung Doxey related to pres. Brigham Young and Lorenzo Snow, 70 quorum pres S. Dilworth Young and Clifford E. Young, 70 LeGrand Curtis, wife of apostle Joseph B. Wirthlin, apostle Henry B. Eyring, apostle LeGrand Richards, 70 Lance B. Wickman, 1st pres counselor Stephen L. Richards, 1st pres assistant Stayner Richards, wife of 70 W. Don Ladd

- wife of apostle M. Russell Ballard, whho's related to 70s John H. Groberg, Graham W. Doxey, Cecil O. Samuelson and Bruce D. Porter

- 70 Spencer J. Condie, who's related too 70s Richard C. Edgley and Jack H. Goaslind


James Esdras Faust:

- apostle Richard R. Lyman

- 70s quorum pres Marion D. Hanks

- Gordon Bitner Hinckley

- 70s quorum pres S. Dilworth Young

- pres George Albert Smith

- 1st pres assistant Nicholas G. Smith <

- apostle/pres Spencer W. Kimball

- apostle Amasa M. Lyman


Wife Ruth Wright Faust related to

- 1st pres councelor Marion G. Romney - 70s Hugh W. Pinnock, V. Dallas Merrelll and Lance B. Wickman


The Counsel of the Twelve


Boyd Kenneth Packer:

- wife of 70 C. Max Caldwell. Caldwell iis also related to 70 W. Mack Lawrence, and wife Bonnie Lee Adamson Caldwell is also related to apostle L. Tom Perry and 70 John H. Groberg...


wife, Donna Edith Smith Packer related to

- apostle Luke S. Johnson


Lowell Tom Perry:

- uncle, 70s quorum pres Alma Sonne

- 70 Earl C. Tingey

- wife of 70 Richard C. Edgley


1st wife Virginia Clare Lee Perry related to

- wife of 70 C. Max Caldwell


2nd wife Barbara Taylor Dayton Perry related to

- 70s quorum pres John H. Taylor

- pres John Taylor


David Bruce Haight :

- wife of 70s John K. Carmack and John EE. Fowler

- 70s H. Verlan Andersen and F. Arthur KKay

Neal Ash Maxwell:

- 1st pres ass/ 70 O. Leslie Stone

Wife Colleen Fern Hinckley Maxwell related to

- pres Gordon Bitner Hinckley

- 70 John H. Groberg

- councelor N. Eldon Tanner

- presiding bishopric councelor /70 H. BBurke Peterson

- apostle Arza A. Hinckley


Russell Marion Nelson:

- 70 Rulon G. Craven (wife Donna Lee Lunt Craven related to 70 Jerald L. Taylor, who's heavily related to several other 70s)


Dallin Harris Oaks:

Related to one of the 3 BoM witnesses, Martin Harris 1st wife Verda June Dixon Oaks related to

- 70s Waldo P. Call, William R. Bradfordd, and Earl C. Tingey

- wives of 70s V. Dallas Merrell ja Johnn H. Groberg


Melvin Russell Ballard Jr.:

- uncle, patriarch Joseph F. Smith (b. 11899)

- Grandfathers - apostles Melvin J. Balllard and Hyrum M. Smith

- Great Grandfather pres Joseph F. Smithh

- descendant of presiding patriarchs Josseph Smith sr and Hyrum Smith

- pres Joseph Fielding Smith

- patriarch Eldred G. Smith

- wife of 70 James O. Mason


Wife Barbara Bowen Ballard related to

- apostle Thomas S. Monson

- 70s John H. Groberg, Graham W. Doxey aand Bruce D. Porter

- wife of 70 Cecil O. Samuelson


Joseph Bitner Wirthlin:

- father, presiding bishop Joseph L. Wirrthlin

- cousin, pres Gordon B. Hinckley

- brother, 70 Richard B. Wirthlin

- cousin, 70 Albert Choules


Wife Elisa Young Rogers Wirthlin related to

- uncle, 70s quorum pres Clifford E. Youung

- cousin, 70s quorum pres S. Dilworth Yooung

- GF 70s quorum pres Seymour B. Young - Great Grandfather 70s quorum pres Joseeph Young

- wives of 70s Graham W. Doxey, Lowell DD. Wood, W. Don Ladd and Robert K. Dellenbach

- 70 LeGrand Curtis

- apostle LeGrand Richards

- pres Spencer W. Kimball

- councelors J. Reuben Clark and Stephenn L. Richards

- assistant Stayner Richards


Richard Gordon Scott:

Wife Jeanene Watkins Scott related to

- 70s John E. Fowler ja L. Aldin Porter

- wives of 70s Lance B. Wickman, D. Toddd Christofferson, Glenn L. Pace

- apostle Charles C. Rich

Robert Dean Hales:

- 70s Carlos E. Asay, Glenn L. Pace, Earrl C. Tingey, Aldin Porter, John H. Groberg and Cecil O. Samuelson

- wife of 70 Keith B. McMullin

- 70 H. Verlan Andersen


Wife Mary Elene Crandall Hales related to

- wives of 70s William R. Bradford, Ben B. Banks ja Dennis B. Neuenschwander


Jeffrey Roy Holland:

- 70 Robert E. Wells

- wives of 70s Cree-L Kofford, Earl C. TTingey and Jack H. Goaslind

- 70s quorum pres Antoine R. Ivins and RRobert L. Backman

- 70 George I. Cannon

- apostle Erastus Snow

- councelor George Q. Cannon


Wife Patricia Terry Holland related to

- 70s quorum pres Zerah Pulsipher


Henry Bennion Eyring:

- cousin councelor Marion G. Romney

- 70 Ronald E. Poelman

- wives of 70s Lance B. Wickman and Grahham W. Doxey

- apostle Adam S. Bennion

- pres bishop Victor L. Brown

- 70s quorum pres Samuel O. Bennion

- 70 Richard P. Lindsay


Wife Kathleen Johnson Eyring related to

- pres bishopric councelor /70 H. Burke Peterson

- 70 Marlin K. Jensen

- wife of 70 F. David Stanley


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