Mormon Court Case Overviews


Many opportunities arise within the LDS, Mormon Church, wherein their ministers -- the bishops, stake presidents, and others given leadership positions -- are presented with opportunities for exploitation of both children and women. This problem arises, in large part, because the "LDS Church Handbook of Instruction," gives open authorization to private, in office, interviews which, in turn, lead to opportunistic conditions for prying into private life and affairs beyond propriety. Additionally, such private interviews set the stage for improper advances.

It has even been suggested that the Mormon Church is an ideal place for the sex predator and, in fact, attracks such individuals. Certainly, the LDS Church does provide the ideal structure and setting for the breeding of such problems.

It is expected that the Mormon Church will have predators join in order to gain access to women and children. What is alarming about these cases is that in nearly every one, the people making the allegations are not believed, are often vilified as troublemakers, shunned, and lose their church support system at a time when they need it most. In a number of these cases Mormon officials have had warnings and did nothing to solve the problem. Unbelievably, the perpetrator is often offered counseling and even financial help by his Church while the victims, often single parent families, fend for themselves.


Summaries by Perpetrator Names


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