So your son or daughter wants to go on an LDS Mission?

Better hear the other side of the story - the side the LDS Church prefers you never hear


Snapped up during the prime years of a young boy's life, the LDS Church emphasizes that it is "necessary" for a young man to go on a mission. Education is interrupted or even cancelled. His missionary training does not include nutrition or health education.

Within the LDS Church, from the time a child is first exposed to Sunday School, the standard indoctrination statement is, " ... when you go on your mission." The option, "if you go on your mission" is never even offered or mentioned.

Such disgust over many mission experiences has caused some to write and frankly state their views. Here is one:

Subject: A warning

Date: Oct 06 12:01

Unlike some of the others on this list, I find NOTHING redeeming about a mission. People always want to point out the positive aspects, like learning a language, living abroad, meeting people. All of those things could be accomplished in the Peace Corps....without the dangers. I have met too many TBMs [true believing Mormons] who have shared mission stories that terrify me. Good men who were told that their serious health problems were just a lack of faith by men in power who "spoke for god" but knew nothing of hepatitis, parasites, rheumatic fever, or bipolar affective disorder. I have known of too many missionaries who bullied, abused, injured, even emotionally tortured their companions because they thought they were "right" and had the "spirit".

When I was at BYU, I worked in on a project in the Kimball the rooms next door, a friend was working on a project for the First Quorum of the 70. Basically, they were collecting data on all the missions to see which was the most effective. They had an awful lot of data. We would sit around and talk....they were really clear that some of the mission presidents were stupid, abusive, spiritually bankrupt,manipulative, corrupt, and just plain evil. NOW some of them were great guys, but you have to remember that for a missionary, he is taught to give up all powers of high cognition and surrender his conscious mind to another human being....the mission president. So if the luck of the draw is against are screwed.

Sure there are great men, regardless of their beliefs who get called to be in authority. There are also small minded despots who rule the missionaries like they wish. And your son....and everybody's son is being TRAINED to do WHATEVER they say. THEY ARE THE CHURCH....THEY REPRESENT GOD HIMSELF. SO if he tells you not to jerk off and you do...because you are a 19 year old feel guilt. You feel unforgivable. If you are is because you just aren't rightgeous enough. SO get out there and knock on some more doors in the rain to prove that you are worthy of feeling better. If your companion is abusive....well I'm sure you can work it out...just pray more. If you father or mother dies....well god wants you here.

Perhaps this whole thread is a warning. A warning to those with young children who choose to capitulate with the mormon church. If you let your TBM [true believing Mormon] spouse dicatate what you can and cannot say in the house, this will be your fate too. The church is like a mythic might be strong enough to fight against it....but it will eat your children if you don't prepare them. If you allow your spouse to silence you, if you don't tell your kids what you know, if you tolerate the church (scouts, activities, primary etc.) cause they are "good for the kids"....don't be surprised if your son or daughter is influenced to go on a mission......and don't be surprised if it is a living hell.

Remember that those who come home early are NEVER fully accepted. Think about what that message means to a kid who KNOWS he should come home. He would rather be dead....and he may just be.

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