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Calculates 10% of your gross income, then tells you how much you could have accumulated had you, instead, just tucked it away into personal savings

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See the chart below for approximations of tithing.

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One of the major laws of the LDS, Mormon religion is that one must "give to the Lord," (Mormon Church), 10% of his gross personal income - including any gifts or other income.

Usually this presents no problem for a person that is well off. However, for those on low or medium incomes, such a proposition simply doesn't work. Since Mormonism does not go by such practical arithmetic, but rather demands this 10% regardless of income or ability to pay, the average person should take a very serious second look at this aspect of Mormonism before joining the church.

Most frustrations and guilt complexes resulting from joining Mormonism are tied to this tithing demand. Unlike most other religions, the LDS religion makes tithing a commandment --- that if not obeyed --- it will deny you to blessings here on earth and in heaven. Worse (in many member's minds), you will be denied entrance into the Mormon temples - your own son or daughter's wedding ceremony. Tithing, then, is not a do-it-as-you-please thing, but an absolute and fundamental law in Mormonism.

Keep in mind, too, that your actual costs of being a good Mormon far exceed this 10% amount..... sometimes approaching 20% and more of your total income. One can easily be overwhelmed by the additional responsibilities.

Story: Consequences of following Mormon "counsel" about paying tithing

The following table shows your annual income, the amount your tithing will be every month, then the final accumulation had you, instead, invested this money into a 6% interest-earning savings account. You may be surprised to learn of the accumulated amounts. The question quickly comes up as to whether Mormonism truly benefits your family.

Note that this assumes you will do this over your lifetime. A lifetime is considered to be fifty years of investing. These are your income years of from twenty to seventy.

What one could accumulate after 50 years
if tithing had instead been put into savings (6% earnings, compounded quarterly)

Yearly Income Monthly Tithe Total Accumulation
$10,000 $83.33 $315,365.29
$15,000 $125.00 $473,066.85
$20,000 $166.67 $630,768.42
$30,000 $250 $946,133.70
$40,000 $333.33 $1,261,498.99
$50,000 $416.67 $1,576,902.12
$80,000 $666.67 $2,523,035.82
$100,000 $833.33 $3,153,766.40

Note: If you make well over $200,000 you can be a happy Mormon. :)

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