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Updated Dec. 07, 2004
WSS Members List!

Member's List page has been MOVED!! Join the Yahoo Group WSSlinkshell and click on "Database" to find the new and improved linkshell members list which you can update yourselves without emailing me!  This feature is only allowed to Group members, so join today!

LS Farming Day. Wasn't that fun?  Pics of the event will be up on the site tonight or tomorrow.  A few have been posted to the album on the Group.

Also, sign the LS Guestbook and tell us the funniest thing you heard in linkchat!

NEW CAPTION CONTEST has started!  Only one picture this time though.  We'll do a new caption contest every week!  If you'd like to submit a photo to be displayed in the caption contest please note it in the email when you send me your pics.
Sibila-Mobla:  3-2-1... ready or not here i come... ok, i don't think you understand the rules of hide an' seek.
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