The real story behind the 1970's German War Bond Trial!
Here is an introduction by the author, Scott Stockdale......

**It's about time this true story was told. What happened to the billions of dollars
that investors around the world paid for German bonds after World War 1?
After Hitler repudiated foreign debt, what did he do with the money?

The "German War Bond Trial" in Brantford ON Canada during the 1970's,
was the first time the Germans had appeared in court anywhere in the world
to explain their position on the billions of dollars worth of unpaid bonds.
Germany's lead witness was a former Nazi officer, yet this fact was concealed from
both the jury and the Canadian public by a publication ban on his wartime activities.

Read the true story of how this fraud nearly destroyed the life of a God-fearing man, but
not his faith in Jesus Christ. The book includes excerpts from the trial transcripts, details
of questionable police conduct, and tells what happens to those who try to expose it.**

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