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Photos from 2003 Western States Training Camp

                                  May 24 - 26, 2003

         by Linda Hurd
There are mostly  photos for Day 1  .  Day 2 photos are of Rucky Chucky River Crossing.  Day 3 photos were taken by Pat Caotes at the finish at Auburn HS  .
During return flight to Houston, I took some aerial photos from airplane of the Sierra foothills and mountains  in the area west  of Lake Tahoe.
1)  Page 1 of Day 1 Photos
2)  Page 2 of Day 1 Photos
3)  Day 2 Photos - Rucky Chucky River Crossing
4) Day 3  Photos - Auburn High School
5)  Aerial Photos of Sierra Foothills and Mountains west of Lake Tahoe  (taken from airplane )