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Back row: Erick Avari, Viking looking guy, Michael Shanks, Don S. Davis,
Dan Payne, John Novak, Andrew Jackson and David Palffy.
Middle row: Frida Bertrani, Corin Nemec, Teryl Rothery, ME, Amanda Tapping and Alex Zahara.
On the Floor: Douglas Arthurs, Christopher Judge, J.R. Bourne and Collin Cunningham.

Melissa from Buffalo

NannyJo from Pennsylvania

Me, at the cocktail party.

Vivian from Montreal

Dan Shea (Gave me a Stargate SG1 hat)

Elizabeth from France

Oh, what a friend!

Tom McBeath, met him at supper, Saturday night.

A shadow of ShadowMaat.

Two Osiris'.

Ms. Skydiver.

Gary Jones aka: Chevron Guy aka: W a l... t e r...

Alex Zahara

A very relaxed Stargate.

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