I have been photographing the eye's of racing pigeons for about 20 years. I have included photographs of some of the prolific breeder's that I have had the priveledge to photograph.  Those interested in studying eyesign can flick through the pages and study the eye's to observe common features if any. My aim as a photographer was to photograph the best breeder's not the best eyesign.  I scanned the photographs at a low resolution to minimize download time.
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EYE 6 Bred by Stan Graham. Unbeaten in eyesign shows in Australia.
EYE 1 - Fred Burton's No.1 Cock
MORE EYESIGN Some excellent reading on Eyesign
Steve van Breemen
Fred Burton Breeding Pairs
Pete Pobor
Stan Graham More Eyes
Malcolm Clement 1
Robert North
Malcolm Clement 2
Myron Kulik
Jim McDonough
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