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Welcome to Janus's TWINE Site. This site has cheats, GS codes, mapped walkthroughs, weapons, gadgets, etc. I have tons of 3D modeling pictures as well. Some of you may have been to my GoldenEye Site, Janus's Goldeneye HQ which is restricted because I didn't pay homestead's stupid fee. But oh well. This site is going to be better and more in-depth. I am also a fan of Unreal Tournament so I made a page on this site about that.                          
Updates Archive

4/18/04 1:08am - Man oh man, it seems like it has been ages since i have updated this site. Or my Goldeneye site for that matter. Not much has been going on in the goldeneye world, except for the DISCOVERY OF THE SECRET CITADEL IN THE SKY!! Ok, i'm excited because news has been slow the past few years.. I wont make a special page for it, because i would just be ripping off pictures, so how about I link you to the number 1 Bond site ever: Citadel in the Sky. Why am I posting this on my TWINE site? Because i think more people will see it.

From the pictures it looks like it would be fun to play, but too bad I have a broken game shark. Anyways, im glad I made this update. Brought back some memories..
Until next upate, good bye. (looking forward to 2000 hits)

7/27/03 4:15pm - I have finally found a decent program that can change mp3 files to rm. So.. I updates the song that plays at the top..finally! Boards of Canada - Kid for Today.

6/23/03 2:08pm - Ok, maybe some of you are getting tired of the goldeneye song i have playing up at the top. I would change it but i dont have the program that converts mp3 to rm(Real Media) files. I have checked, nothing. If anyone knows of a good program that can convert mp3 to rm please email so i can change the song.

6/22/03 1:05pm - Wow, its been awhile since an update. Some of you may be wondering that I forgot about the site. Not true. My computer has been having troubles using Java stuff (i.e. Page Builder), so I couldn't even load the editor
to work on the site.

But I recently formatted my comp so its clean and ready to go. So.. more updates from now until my computer stops working again.

11/28/02 4:50pm - Today its Thanksgiving so in spirit of the holidays I have decided to update the site. This update is concerning and IRC chat channel. Go to the Chat page to read about it. And I changed the RealPlayer song again.

7/24/02 7:15pm - A couple of updates down I mentioned something about a link archive where i would gather a whole bunch of information about TWINE. Well i finally started it and i added a good size Review Section to the document. I will add more later.

6/20/02 12:30pm - Today i added a new look to the homepage. Its just alittle different but i like it better than the old design. In the meantime I am still working on that link archive page.

Updates Archive
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