Guild Wars Factions (GWF) is the 2nd chapter of Guild Wars. In GWF two new professions are added & Guild Factions are introduced.
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In GWF you start out as a student of Shing Jea Monastery, which is run by Master Togo with the help of Instructor Ng. Once you picked your profession you will be taught by the best Headmasters the Monastery has to offer.
The Old Gods
Assassin (SIN) with Attributes of Critical Strike (Primary), Dagger Mastery,
Deadly Arts and Shadow Arts.

(Rt) with Attributes of Spawning (Primary), Communing, Restoration Magic and Channeling Magic.
The Luxons of the Jade Sea
Seafaring nomads that once sailed the sea.
Luxons clans: The Serpent, The Turtle and The Crab, which are all ruled by their Council of Elders.
The Kurzicks of Echovald Forrest
Culture is based on ceremony, rituals and traditions.
Kurzick is a church-state that is ruled by their Council of Nobles which have five main Houses.