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Here I am, busy updating my web site. small_computer_man I am an avid tennis fan so what better way to learn web page design than my favorite pastime with attractive young ladies

I have had a lot of fun getting up to speed with HTML and will provide a link page later that will have amongst other things a web design tutorial and a financial link.

This site is set up as a near mirror of my regular ISP site, however they want an arm an a leg for homepage MB so I am trying here. Geocities has twice the available space so this site will expand.
Please bookmark this page before chasing the links..thanks!!

Martina Hinges 1

Martina Hinges 2

Martina Hinges 3

Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova 2

Alexandra Stevenson

Sirena and Venus Williams

Steffi Graff

Created on January 14 2000


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