Fish Profile

Blue Gourami

Origin= Malaysia, Thailand, Burma, Nietname, The Greater Sunda Islands.

Scientific Name= Trichogaster trichopterus

Max. Size= 5" (12.7CM)

pH= 6-8.8

Temperature=22-28C (73-84F)

Temperment= Keep this fish with species of it's own size.

Minimum Tank Size and/or Tank Type= A 51G (200L) Community Tank

Favourite Foods= Live foods, as well as artifical foods

Other Info= This fish can be aggresive with it's own kind of not given the space they need.

Breeding Info= TANK: Have at least 12-25G (50-100L) per breeding pair in a tank with floating plants on the surface, you want the water surface to be calm, without bubbled aeration.

GENDER: The male is more robust, his dorsal fin is extended into a point.

BREEDING RATIO: 1 Male : 1 Female

BREEDING WATER: 24-26C (76-80F); pH of 7.0; dCH max. 2

OTHER BREEDING INFO: In the company of other fish (even members of the same species) the brood fish are generally unwilling to spawn. The male will build a relatively haphazard, spreading nest on the surface. A very prolific fish because the female will deposit up to 4,000 eggs during spawning. The eggs are rich in oil and the rise to the surface, the incubation period is about 24 hours. After spawning is over, remove the female and as soon as the fry begin leaving the nest the male also. When you are feeding the fry, lower the water level to about 4" (10CM). Feed them three to four times a day during the first week, one more time at night under faint illumination. You should feed the fry newly hatched brine shrimp nauplii. Add more water as the fish grow; because of their rapid metabolism do so frequently, replacing 50-70 percent of the water with freshwater. The growth of the young fish is very uneven and they should be separated according to size during this period.

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Photo Credit:
Bombcat's Fishy Page

Photo Credit:
Bombcat's Fishy Page

Photo Credit:

One of my pictures coming soon!

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