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Note:  August 6, 2002 Lovers Lane is still an active site. Be looking for new stuff soon!
Update on 4/30/02-
A new page at Lovers Lane appropriately titled
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  Hello and welcome to The Young Riders' Lovers' Lane. Our site is dedicated to the romances featured on the television show, The Young Riders. Very few of us actually watched the show for the gunfights; we watched to see those handsome men and fiery women develop relationships with the people around them.
  Please Note: This site will not feature anything with a rating higher than PG-13, which basically means, if we didn't or couldn't see it happen on the show, it won't happen here.
     Our plans for Lovers' Lane are to eventually display all the couples on the show, whether they were long-term, brief or unfulfilled. In the future we also hope to include popular TYR fanfic couples.  
    We have fanfic, a message board, & some great pics, which you may not have seen before. So come on in, look around and remember all the great romance that grabbed you and sucked you into The Young Riders.  We know it hasn't let you go since!
TYR Couples
Kid  and Lou
Ike And Emily
Sam and Emma
Picture supplied by Kristin. Thanks!
Picture supplied by Sandra. Thanks!
Jimmy and Alice
Buck and Kathleen
Coming soon:
couple --
& Camille!

Picture Supplied by Wendy.  Thanks!
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The Homestation
Picture Supplied by Gail. Thanks!
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The Rival Riders
Love Stories
Our Fanfic Section
We want your fanfiction!  E-mail us your submissions.
Do you have a favorite TYR couple or have you thought of the perfect match for your favorite rider? Discuss it here on our message board.
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The TYR News Archive
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For his merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the Lord endureth for ever. Praise ye the Lord.  Psalm 117:2
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