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  Welcome To e-Gold Control

Thank you for visiting. This site was created to help everyone reach financial freedom without changing any part of your daily schedule. You can be full-time employed working 40 hours a week or an unemployed house couch potato. It really does not matter, because all that you need to do to make this method work is to finish reading this program, and have a small to moderate amount of gold to invest in your financial freedom.

The ease of communication the Internet now brings has created an opportunity for you to profit where previously 99% of the worldís investors hadnít been able.

I use a loophole to make profit daily; a simple system that GUARANTEES risk-free profits each and every time it is implemented. This is a step-by-step process. Or better explained it is a genuine, fundamental business discrepancy. A mistake that has shown to exist within a major worldwide industry.

This business discrepancy is known as ĎArbitrageí itís nothing new and itís been used within financial markets for many, many years and is definitely not complicated.

Iím sure that at this stage youíre thinking, "here we go again, this sounds too good to be true therefore it must be" but wait a minute. Give me just a little more of your precious time and Iíll show you how this simple, logical system could be generating regular TAX FREE PROFITS FOR YOU immediately.


I am taking advantage of the difference within financial markets and making a profit of 8-15% minimum every 48 hours. Some days this can be higher, but I just want to make clear what I can make on my worst days.

I will pay you out 5 days a week at a rate of 8% a day. Payout will be at 00:00GMT. You can compound your profit with your principal. You may withdraw your total balance invested into the program at anytime. Withdrawing before a full 60 days has passed will cause your account to be taxed a 25% fee.

Your funds are secured by my Corporate C.D.
I have put this in place to protect myself and to guarantee a safe return of your principal. A new C.D. will be created every 30 days to add new funds too.

If this whole idea is of interest to you, then get started today by making your investment to the right.

For those of you that would like to take a more proactive role in creating your financial freedom, keep reading. If you would like to really do this on your own, full time, then I will give you private consultation. My charge for this one-on-one care is $5,000 for a period of twelve months, 2 hours a day. I guarantee that if you seek private tutoring from me, you will make this cost back within a 30-40 day period or I will refund you the money. ($2,500 of the $5,000 charge goes towards your online trading account with a well-established firm.)

  Latest news 12-16-03

  We have begun payout. Thank you for investing.

  12-06-03 We will be accepting credit cards starting January 10th, 2004.

  China gold mining firm to launch HK IPO-sources.

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