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Welcome to WTF! Reloaded.
What exactly is WTF Reloaded? To make it more simple ill call it WTFR. WTFR contains all the content from WTF Reviews, but its a lot more than just reviews. Adding the Content from WTF reviews and new funny images and movies WTF Reloaded is a whole new, smoother, website. Wtf Reviews, created in April 2003 was a random review website, updated monthly. You can see why it didnt get many hits. We will keep the reviews, and add a lot more. Also WTF reviews WILL Stay up in case anyone wants to check out what we were like all the way back in the year 2003 =o. WTFR's influences are Misinformer,Penny-Arcade, and Jeff K's Website. You can see why im so messed up in the head now by going to those sites. Alright well thats all i basically have to say about the site, enjoy it, by the way i dont give out my email BUT my AIM a lot, i get enough junkmail already.


Tv comedian BOB SAGET
WTFR's Hero and Mascot Mr. Bob Saget.
WTF! Reloaded, super duper News section!


Because you'll NEVER see this agian... what?!?!

I left the URL up if you wanna goto the actual site. Unedited image. That title and that picture... D.. Dear God...

Just right click on the image, Copy that URL and then paste it on a new window and then the URL is at the top of the image.


Made some progress in the site.