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Last Update: January 8th, 2006

You enter the Weyr and canít help but gasp at the site; the bowl is vast with a beautiful lake shimmering in the center of it. Several herds of runner and herdbeasts graze serenely while dragons of every color rest in the mid-afternoon sun. Davoth, the brown dragon you're riding on, bugles and the green watchdragon bugles a reply. You land gracefully in the center of the bowl and L'dar, Davoth's rider slides off and helps you down.

"Welcome Wu Weyr, Wu mean five in an old terran language since the dragons come in five colors this Weyr was named to honor the Gold, Bronze, Brown, Blue and Green dragons that protect pern.Ē L'dar tells you before, swing him self-back on his large browns back. You watch the brown and rider leave before you decide to choose you destination.


January 8th, 2006 Put a clutch on the sands I'll be more candidates then I need for this clutch then bumping them into the next.

December 29th, 2004
Started putting up the new layout. ^.^

December 17th, 2004
Added a new candidate for Firith's clutch, plan on updating my own candidate stories later today. Must never overload myself with candidates that been writing ever again. x.x

November 30th, 2004
Added another candidate added for Firith's clutch. I seem to be getting them up on the board every 10 days. ^.^

November 20th, 2004
Another new candidate has been added. ^.^

November 10th, 2004
One new candidate for Firith's clutch. Rules where revised, spelling errors fixed also Anlor, V'ran, Rylar, S'gel, R'lync, S'len, Xian & their dragons all now have accessible pages.

Dragon images © to me Mikaela of Wu Weyr.

The World of Pern is © to Mrs. Anne McCaffrey. Wu Weyr is in NOT a RPG or Online Weyr, it only use is an adoption agency through which dragons are exchanged amongst those that love Mrs. Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern, Pern and all its aspects are © to Mrs. Anne McCaffrey.

Have visited the Weyr since: November 9th, 2004

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