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Perry E. DOTSON [Parents] was born 1847 in Ritchie Co., VA. He died 1925 and was buried in IOOF Cemetery. Perry married Scythia Jane ELLEFRITT on 1866 in Doddridge Co., WV.

Notes for Perry E Dotson:
Was a Union soldier in Civil War with father, Hiram Dotson and two brothers, Spencer, & Mansfield. They all served the Union in the Civil War. Perry was imprisoned for months, and was not recognized by his family when he finally returned.

Scythia Jane ELLEFRITT married Perry E. DOTSON on 1866 in Doddridge Co., WV.

Amos Asbury DOTSON [Parents] was born 1849. He died 1929 in Wirt Co., WV. Amos married Evaline PECK on 1876.

Evaline PECK married Amos Asbury DOTSON on 1876.

William Flavius DOTSON [Parents] was born 1852 in Ritchie Co., VA. He died 1936. William married Jennie WARNER on 1877.

Jennie WARNER was born 1859. She died 1941. Jennie married William Flavius DOTSON on 1877.

Alpheus R. DOTSON [Parents] was born 1853 in North Fork Hughes River, Ritchie Co., WV. He died 1917 in Grafton, WV. Alpheus married Jennie WELLS on 1875 in Ritchie Co., WV.

Jennie WELLS was born 1852. She married Alpheus R. DOTSON on 1875 in Ritchie Co., WV.

William Playford ASH was born 1851. He married Alice Jane DOTSON on 1877 in Ritchie Co., WV.

Alice Jane DOTSON [Parents] was born 1857. She married William Playford ASH on 1877 in Ritchie Co., WV.

John W. KIGER was born 1851 in OH. He married Sarah Jemima DOTSON on 1876.

Sarah Jemima DOTSON [Parents] was born 1862. She married John W. KIGER on 1876.

Adam Daniel HODAM was born 1821. He died 1903. Adam married Amy PECK on 1887 in Wirt Co., WV.

Notes for Adam Daniel Hodam:

Adam Hodam moved to Roane County area in 1844 and reported there were only about 20 families living in New California (Spencer)

He was a pioneer preacher in Roane County

April 7, 1856 Adam Hodam was one of 11 justices of the peace in the county seat of New California

He owned a large tract of land in the Beaver Dam area. He built the first Hodam Chapel on land from his farm. He also operated the first post office from his home.

Regarding Civil War, he said: "My sympathy and personal influence was on the side of the South. I believed that the States had the right to decide for or against slavery and not federal power. Although believing slavery to be a great evil for which both the North and South were responsible, I opposed the Abolitionist Anarchists of that day who in defiance of law and justice proposed to steal our property and to trample the laws of our state and nation under foot. So in May, 1861, when Virginia decided to withdraw from the Federal Union, I cheerfully voted for secession."

Amy PECK [Parents] was born 1835. She married Adam Daniel HODAM on 1887 in Wirt Co., WV.

Isaac L. CLARK was born 1842. He married Sarah T. PECK on 1863.

Sarah T. PECK [Parents] was born 1838. She married Isaac L. CLARK on 1863.

Josiah HARPER married Evaline PECK on 1860.

Evaline PECK [Parents] was born 1843 in Wirt Co., VA. She died 1899 in Spring Creek District, Wirt Co., WV. Evaline married Josiah HARPER on 1860.


He had the following children:

  M i William Washington MILLER was born 1810.

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