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John JONES [Parents] was born 1766 in DE. He died 1850 in Grafton, VA. John married Ann Nancy GOUGH on 1796 in Monogalhilia Co., VA.

Notes for John Jones:
'1924 WV Review' 1777 captured by Indians along with his sister Mary in Pentree WV Taken by Indians to Sandusky, OH for 6 years

Monongalia Co Rec Bk A, pg 1 marriage is recorded

'Area Families Have Interest in Saga of John Jones and His Sister Polly' by Helen E White of the Parkersburg News Staff, December 1964

The Thornes, the McCutcheons, Bumgarners, Cheuvronts, Roberts, McClungs, the Ashleys, Browns, and many other old families in Wood, Wirt and adjoining counties all have a common ancestor and interest in the little known saga of John Jones and his sister Polly.

The story begins on a June evening on Dunkard Creek in Monongalia County in the year 1777 when Polly was 13 and John 11.

On this fresh, rain-washed evening there was excitement in the cabin of Jacob Jones as he, accompanied by his two children, John and Polly, were preparing to go and spend the night at the cabin of Jacob Farmer, about two miles up the creek.

By staying the night with the Farmers, they would be up early the next morning to help their neighbor with his corn hoeing, which helpful customs being common among pioneer families.

At dusk, the trio started out, Jones carrying his flintlock, Polly skipping along in her nut-brown linsey-woolsey and John bringing up the rear clad in homespun jeans. The children carried three hoes against the morrow's task.

About a mile up the creek, so the story has been handed down in the families, they were joined by Alexander Clegg, Nathan Worley and John Marsh who were also on their way to the Farmer's cabin.

Sometime in the small, silent hours between midnight and dawn, the whinnying of a horse awoke the sleeping occupants of the cabin who discovered they were surrounded by a large band of hostile Indians. The loopholes of the cabin were quickly manned and the long wait began for morning and the inevitable attack. At the first light of dawn, the Indians opened fire on the isolated dwelling eventually killing Worley and Farmer and leaving the defense to Marsh, Jones, Clegg, Mrs. Farmer and the children.

Against such odds, the outcome was certain. When the Indians finally streamed shrieking into the cabin, Jones and Marsh managed to make their escape. From their concealment they watched the victorious Indians with John and Polly Jones, and Susie Farmer as captives, start out on the long trek back to the Wyandotte settlement near what is now Sandusky, Ohio. Jones and Marsh set out to follow the savages and free the captive children, but about the second day, the Indians trail seemed made of air and the men were finally forced to abandon the pursuit and turn back.

Polly, so the old story goes, was quick, unafraid and keen enough to obey the Indians orders while John, although he patterned his behavior much after his sisters, fretted constantly and spent much time in making plans to escape. But Susie Farmer, two years older than Polly, spent her entire time crying. So, when the Ohio River was reached, Susie was tomahawked and scalped before the eyes of the Jones children. A great celebration was held when the two young white children were led captive into the Indian village. They were made to run the gauntlet several times, and their courage must have impressed the braves, as the two children were adopted into Wyandotte families.

Five years later, John managed to escape and reach Detroit where he was adopted by a Dr. Harvey who educated him to be a physician. Six years after his escape, on his way to England to finish his education, he returned to his old home for a visit. Eventually Dr. John Jones married and settled west of Grafton. His daughter Mary, married Thomas Thorne from near Fairmont, and the young couple came to Palestine in Wirt County to establish their home.
Mary and Thomas Thorne were the parents of 12 children and their descendants are numerous in and around this area; one of whom, a great grandson, Benjamin Franklin Thorne, who died in 1930 was said to be the last Confederate soldier in Wood County.

Polly Jones adjusted to her life among the Indians and lived with them until her rescue in 1787. She was taken to Detroit and adopted by the family of General McCoombs, an English army officer. In 1790, she married Peter Melott, a Frenchman, and they made their home in Kingsville, Ontario.

Polly made but one trip back to her childhood home in 1817. Appearing at the cabin of her parents one spring evening like a ghost from the past, she stayed several months and then returned to Kingsville.

However, the combined descendants of John and Polly Jones hold a large annual family reunion for many years. When Tilden Thorne, the last 'president' of the family passed away, the yearly reunions were discontinued, but there are still many of the older ones who remember hearing the story of brown-eyed Polly and her younger brother, John.
Source: Renick

Ann Nancy GOUGH [Parents] was born 1776. She died in Roane Co., VA. Ann married John JONES on 1796 in Monogalhilia Co., VA.

may be Goff

They had the following children:

  F i Mary JONES was born 1797 and died 1866.
  M ii Jacob JONES.
  M iii William JONES.
  M iv Samuel JONES.
  M v Benjaminn JONES.
  M vi Stanton JONES.
  F vii Rebecca JONES.
  F viii Elizabeth JONES.

Lunsford J. THORN [Parents] was born 1815. He died 1874 in Hazelton, Gibson, Indiana. Lunsford married Mary Ann DRAGOO on 1837 in IN.

Notes for Lunsford J Thorn:
Said to be one of the first residents of Ravenswood, and when incorporated as a town in 1857, he was a member of the council.

1845 and 1847 Lunsford Thorn 500 plus acres Reedy and Sandy Creek

Apparently family moved to Hazleton IN in the early 1860's
Children: Rebecca Ann 10 Oct 1833 in Muncie, Delaware, Indiana.
Elizabeth J. THORNE.
Thomas Marion THORNE.
Albert G. THORNE.
Sarah Ann THORNE was born on 11 Sep 1844 in Muncie, Delaware, Indiana.
William F. THORNE.
Henry F. THORNE.
Lucy Adelaid THORNE.
Source: Renick

Mary Ann DRAGOO [Parents] was born 1812 in Muncie, Delaware, Indiana. She died 1874. Mary married Lunsford J. THORN on 1837 in IN.

William DRAGOO married Elizabeth PRUNTY.

Elizabeth PRUNTY married William DRAGOO.

They had the following children:

  F i Mary Ann DRAGOO was born 1812 and died 1874.

John Stanton THORN [Parents] was born 1817. He married Olivia BRAMBLE on 1838 in Jackson Co., VA.

Notes for John Stanton Thorn:
"first settler of Ravenswood"
It is believed he first lived at Letart, OH

He apparently was a member of a posse that followed a Greene to Wheeling and brought him back to Jackson County to face trial for the murder of Timothy Fox.

Olivia BRAMBLE was born 1818 in NY. She married John Stanton THORN on 1838 in Jackson Co., VA.

Zado Stewart THORN [Parents] was born 1820. He died 1907 in Reedy, WV. Zado married Julie PARK on 1841.

Other marriages:
MOODY, Mary Evalyn

Notes for Zadoc Stewart Thorn:
Settled on Main Reedy in Wirt County in the year 1852
1860 Cenus Wirt Co shows PO Lee's Mills Zadoc S Thorn
Source: Renick

Julie PARK married Zado Stewart THORN on 1841.

Zado Stewart THORN [Parents] was born 1820. He died 1907 in Reedy, WV. Zado married Mary Evalyn MOODY on 1846 in Jackson Co., VA.

Other marriages:
PARK, Julie

Notes for Zadoc Stewart Thorn:
Settled on Main Reedy in Wirt County in the year 1852
1860 Cenus Wirt Co shows PO Lee's Mills Zadoc S Thorn
Source: Renick

Mary Evalyn MOODY was born 1829 in MA. She died 1903 in Bulltown, WV and was buried in Reedy, WV. Mary married Zado Stewart THORN on 1846 in Jackson Co., VA.

Thomas Hayman THORN [Parents] was born 1830 in VA. He died 1896 in Pisgah, wirt Co., WV. Thomas married Letitia BELL on 1855.

Other marriages:
SEAMAN, Matilda

Letitia BELL was born 1825 in England. She died 1872 in Wirt Co., WV. Letitia married Thomas Hayman THORN on 1855.

Thomas Hayman THORN [Parents] was born 1830 in VA. He died 1896 in Pisgah, wirt Co., WV. Thomas married Matilda SEAMAN on 1876.

Other marriages:
BELL, Letitia

Matilda SEAMAN was born 1849. She died 1942. Matilda married Thomas Hayman THORN on 1876.

James Harvey MCCUTCHEON [Parents] was born 1830 in Nicholas Co., VA. He died 1920 in Roane Co., WV and was buried in Boggs Cemetery. James married Mary Elizabeth THORN on 1853 in Wirt Co., VA.

In 1860 census Wirt Co, VA PO Lees Mills Head of Household

Mary Elizabeth THORN [Parents] was born 1837. She died 1915 in Reedy, WV and was buried in Boggs Cemetery. Mary married James Harvey MCCUTCHEON on 1853 in Wirt Co., VA.

Alfred THORN [Parents] was born 1843. He died 1879 in Hazelton, IN. Alfred married Elzabeth Ann BOOHER on 1864 in Wirt Co., WV.

Notes for Alfred S Thorn:
Alfred S. THORNE was born on 24 Mar 1843 in West Virginia. He died in Hazleton, Indiana. 3 children of Thomas Thorn & Mary Jones moved to Hazleton, Indiana; Lunsford J, William H., and Alfred S. Alfred died in Hazleton but widow took kids back to Wirt County to finish rearing them.

He was married to Elizabeth BOOHER. Elizabeth BOOHER died in Wirt County, West Virginia. Alfred S. THORNE and Elizabeth BOOHER had the following children:
2429 i. Mary Jane THORNE.
2430 ii. Louella THORNE.
2431 iii. Edgar Thomas THORNE.
2432 iv. Fannie V. THORNE.
2433 v. Thornton E. THORNE.
2434 vi. Margaret Pearl THORNE.
2435 vii. Grace E. THORNE.
Source: Renick

Elzabeth Ann BOOHER was born 1847. She died 1939 in Palestine, Wirt Co., WV. Elzabeth married Alfred THORN on 1864 in Wirt Co., WV.

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